Is the writing on the wall for traditional car dealerships?

The Automotive industry is facing exciting times. The development of electric and autonomous vehicles and the rise of connected car technology is driving unprecedented change. In this dynamic environment, Majorel helps to deliver a premium experience across the entire customer journey.


From media activation to routine maintenance – all online

Customers complete the entire process in the comfort of their own surroundings, no matter what the time of day it is or where they are, through their preferred digital channel – voice-in-car, mobile, tablet, desktop, home entertainment system, or by another means yet to be developed.

To make this a reality, customers would be supported throughout the entire customer journey by an expert digital team – the ‘human touch’ – augmented with technology, who support all of the key customer touchpoints. The entire customer journey could be considered in this way – from media activation through to hand-over of the vehicle and ongoing brand loyalty.

All of the usual documentation for the order and vehicle registration would be digital and a post-delivery follow up, support to set up connected services and booking the vehicle in for its routine maintenance would all be done online.

Expert support when customers need it – the personal touch

To drive this vision, the support team would have specific skillsets to deliver a best-in-class service for each step of the customer journey. For example, digital sales agents would be highly skilled and trained sales specialists. And, with the right permissions, they’d offer financial and debit adjustment advice if discussing a customer’s current vehicle, or the way they would like to pay / fund their new vehicle.

The same approach could be applied via the marketing team to ensure the right traffic is being driven to digital platforms and to maximize proactive social opportunities within communities and personal conversations.

The Digital Dealership – a world-class customer experience

To make the customer experience truly unique and personal, the sales team would be able to share with customers a “real showroom” (but digital!) to showcase the vehicle through the use of video technology and virtual reality.

While this scenario might sound like the future, Majorel is able to support all these services today.

Our services to meet your challenges

Multi-lingual skills

Multi-lingual skills

Our multi-lingual hubs enable you to cover regions with their cultural differences from one site – ensuring quality, consistency and reliability while staying close to your customers.

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Global locations

Global locations

Wherever you are, whatever your culture, whatever your global needs – we support your location strategy with one of the strongest and most diversified of global presences.

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Voice Assistants

Voice Assistants

Voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant have opened up completely new service channel with exciting opportunities for customer interaction.

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Video interaction

Video interaction

Differentiating your service can be tough but it’s amazing how a friendly face can go a long way to establishing brand loyalty, with personal, individual advice through our live stream video chat solutions.

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Personalized video

Personalized video

While a picture paints a thousand words, a video is even more valuable in customer services. Our personalized video service integrates customer-specific data that delivers better understanding, a reduction in customer queries and increased customer satisfaction.

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Major shareholders Bertelsmann and Saham signed tender offer agreement with Teleperformance regarding its intent to launch a voluntary public takeover offer for all shares in Majorel

Luxembourg, April 26, 2023 – Majorel Group Luxembourg S.A. (ISIN LU2382956378) (Euronext Amsterdam: MAJ) announces that it has been informed that its major shareholders, Bertelsmann Luxembourg S.à r.l., Saham Customer Relationship Investments Limited and Saham Outsourcing Luxembourg S.à r.l. today entered into a tender offer agreement with Teleperformance SE.

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