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Companies that offer their customers a unique customer experience generate up to five times more revenue than others. Nevertheless, basic expectations – such as a personalized service, ease of use, and 24/7 service center availability – have so far only been met by eight percent.

Want to automate and scale your customer service, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction at the same time? Our voice and chatbot solution makes it possible!

Companies that offer their customers a unique customer experience generate up to five times more revenue than others. Nevertheless, basic expectations – such as a personalized service, ease of use, and 24/7 service center availability – have so far only been met by eight percent.

Want to automate and scale your customer service, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction at the same time? Our voice and chatbot solution makes it possible!


Automated customer service and a unique customer experience – we make it possible

The all-in-one solution combines our technical and business know-how to implement chatbots and voicebots with the expertise of our human customer service representatives who resolve your customers’ issues. Our chatbots and voicebots answer customer inquiries independently and respond automatically via text or voice following a trained dialogue flow. They also pre-qualify call reasons and then transfer the call to the appropriate customer service representative.

With our solution, you can reduce waiting times, are available around the clock, and can offer your customers a personalized service experience. You can also create more time for customer service representatives for complex and value-adding conversations. This creates new opportunities to strengthen customer relationships and optimize the customer experience.

Our solution at a glance

Multimodal platform

Our conversational AI voice and chatbot platform enables any type of voice or chat output across a wide variety of channels.

High integration capability

Our partner company OmniBot’s special technology can be integrated into almost all software and hardware systems.

Real-time monitoring and takeover by customer advisors

Our service center representatives can follow the human-machine dialogue in real time and intervene, if necessary. This way the bot is constantly learning.

Proprietary speech recognition technology

Our solution enables speech recognition, speech biometrics and speech analytics with the highest recognition rates and maximum adaptability. This allows your customers to communicate in natural language with your voice or chatbot.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Automation: Our chat and voicebot solution handles your customer inquiries automatically. This reduces contact volume and your service center costs.
  • Scalability: The system analyzes frequent inquiries from your customers and recurring dialogue progressions and learns constantly. This allows you to scale your customer communications easily and effectively.
  • Short waiting times: Automated processing of inquiries through voice and chatbots can reduce waiting times in customer service.
  • 24/7 availability: With the help of our voice and chatbot solution, your customers can reach you around the clock.
  • Peak management: In times of high volumes, the chat or voicebot takes over the initial contact or directly solves recurring tasks.
  • Customer Experience: Your customers can contact you with their concerns on their preferred channel – both via text and voice.
  • Personal support: The chatbot or voicebot recognizes situations that require human empathy and hands over the request to a customer service representative, if necessary.

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Optimal combination of people and technology

We take a holistic view of customer service. That’s why we pursue a hybrid service model, combining the expertise of our customer service representatives with advanced technology. This combination allows us to offer you both automated customer interactions and human-to-human customer communication, freeing up valuable time to handle complex inquiries in the service center. The bot solution optimally complements humans but can never replace them.

How the platform solution works

When a call comes into the service center, the bot first classifies the customer’s concern. It resolves simple concerns immediately, according to a trained dialogue flow. Complex tasks, complaints and concerns that require human empathy or expertise are forwarded directly to a customer service representative. In the dashboard, this person sees all the customer information already available and can then respond personally and according to the customer’s individual question. Even if the voice assistant cannot fully clarify a concern, the bot forwards it to a customer service representative.

The advantages of Voicebot vs.Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Systems are still widely used. Yet they make only limited use of today’s automation potential. The customer must choose between pre-programmed selection options and thus awkwardly navigate through the menu. Our Voicebot solution goes a bigstep further:

  • It is adaptable and capable of learning. So, it responds naturally and individually to the questions of your end customers.
  • Your customers can explaintheir request in their own words. With the help of Automatic Speech Recognition and Natural Language Understanding and Processing, the Voicebot even recognizes complex requests.
  • Our customer service representatives in the service center can monitor the voicebot’s interactions in real time and take over, if necessary. In this way, we increase customer satisfaction and continuously train the bot.

Savings potential and success criteria

Whether a voicebot is an option for your company, and what costs and potential savings are associated with it, depends on various criteria. These include the call volume or the automation rate.

The running costs for a voice or chatbot depend on the duration of the interaction. With a high degree of automation and call volume, they are significantly lower than the cost per minute for an employee in the service center. In addition, there are setup costs.For example, there are costs for creating dialogue sequences and processes, editorial maintenance of the bot and quality testing in the first few months, as well as costs for project management and support efforts.

Use cases and possible applications

The potential uses of chatbots and voicebots in customer service are diverse and extend across the entire customer journey. Even in the phase of information gathering by the customer, a chatbot on the website or in social media can provide partially or fully automated advice – in both B2C and B2B environments. This also applies to the telephone channel. Use cases exist in a wide range of industries – from BFSI and Hospitality to Telecommunications and Retail, and alsoto the Public Sector. End customers as well as suppliers or employees can be voicebot users.

Consumer Products & Retail

Consumer Products & Retail

In the case of simple service requests, the platform can respond independently using machine-trained dialogue content and, if necessary, access third-party systems such as CRM or Enterprise Resource Planning System. The customer benefits from a quick solution to his request, without experiencing waiting times. In the retail industry, for example, information on the shipping and delivery status of orders can be provided with the help of voice or chatbots.



The use of voice assistants is very beneficial because of their scalability when there are short-term peaks in the volume of inquiries. A good example is when there are accumulated losses in the insurance industry. In this case, regional damage due to a storm or other local events can suddenly result in a very high number of calls.

IT & Hightech

IT & Hightech

The platform solution also offers various use cases for the outbound channel. For example, IT and high-tech companies already use the solution to confirm appointments at the customer’s site or to proactively point out system errors – an additional benefit for the customer that would be very time-consuming and costly without Voicebot.

We support you with the optimal combination of people and technology

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