Virtual Training for Automotive Experts in Customer Service

Providing the best possible support for customers in the automotive industry often requires very specific expertise on the technical details of vehicles and their components.

In order to impart this technical knowledge to customer service representatives, our virtual training course Majorel Mechanics turns vehicles and their parts into a tangible experience in a video-based learning environment.

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We offer special training services for the initial training and further development of automotive experts who support end customers and B2B partners. These include renowned automotive groups, parts manufacturers, car dealerships, automotive workshops and mobility solution providers.

Practical training – completely virtual

A unique customer experience can only be delivered by professionally trained customer service staff. This is especially true for complex technical topics that require intensive training of customer service representatives. With our digital training solution Majorel Mechanics, we have found a way to convey complex issues virtually so that in person training in a workshop is no longer necessary. Instead, we bring the lifting platform to life digitally for our employees, creating a comfortable learning environment.

Complex topics of vehicle technology are comprehensively explained which enables our customer service representatives to reliably handle the queries of B2B customers as well as those of end customers. Participants learn everything they need to know about technical details of vehicles and components virtually.

Digital training content created by automotive specialists

Majorel Mechanics includes a suite of educational videos and other training content tailored to the digital training of automotive experts in customer service.

With many years of experience in the automotive industry, we understand the concerns of both end and B2B customers as well as the training needs of our customer service representatives.

Our training content is created and reviewed by experienced experts and is regularly adapted to new  products and developments. We cooperate closely with qualified mechanics and trained specialists.

Our solution at a glance

  • No on-site training required – neither by trainers in the service center nor by mechanics in a workshop
  • Remote learning and training from anywhere and at any time
  • Virtual multimedia training
  • Customized videos, presentations and test assignments created by experienced automotive specialists
  • Continuously updated content
  • Training individually adaptable to learning speed and needs
  • Learning progress reviews can be flexibly planned and carried out

Your advantages at a glance

  • Majorel has many years of expertise in customer service for the automotive industry
  • Online solution – no time and effort required for organizing and conducting classroom training sessions
  • Training content tailored to your needs
  • An experienced project team for the best possible development and implementation of technical training courses

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How can you continuously improve your customer service while effectively training your staff? We are happy to support you!

Ali Al-Madi
Project Manager Majorel Automotive


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