Vertical Digital Solutions

Leveraging our deep domain and process knowledge, we have developed a suite of specialized digital solutions specifically designed to address the different needs of our clients across industry verticals.

Our Digital Banking Platform supports financial service providers in digitizing and optimizing their processes and services to reduce operating costs and drive revenues while providing value-added services to their customers. And, of course, amazing CX!

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Majorel Digital Banking™

As customers have high expectations regarding digital CX, providing a satisfying experience has become a key differentiating factor for financial services businesses. We have developed a modular digital banking platform to support financial service providers in digitizing and optimizing their processes and services.

The Majorel digital banking platform helps our clients significantly improve conversion rates of new accounts, improve customer experience and increase revenue generation via optimized conversion rates, and cost savings – for example, by relieving the workload of employees in branches or back office. Six of Europe’s ten largest banks already connected to our platform.

Majorel Switch™

One of our platform’s core processes is the account switching service – Majorel Switch – based on the PSD2 application programming interface (API).

To use this API and thus access bank accounts, we are registered as an account information service with BaFin, making us a payment service according to German law. By using the PSD2 standard users can inform their payment partners within minutes, based on account information retrieved from their previous bank with one click, significantly improving activation rates.

In addition, our platform includes a security account transfer service that transfers securities to a new bank account per eSignature. Furthermore, we offer an integrated pricing model that allows for both cost-effectiveness and profitability.

Having more than eight years of experience in account switching, we believe we have become experts in analyzing and understanding account information. We leverage our know-how to build data-driven solutions enabling banks to make full use of the information gathered in the course of their business.

By assessing the insurance needs of your customers, you are assisting them in assuring their financial well-being and establishing financial security for their future. Offering this new service can define success based on positive outcomes for both your business and your customers.

Our new service provides your customers with an overview of their insurance contracts and personalized product recommendations without a time-consuming Q&A process.  This quick and easy process has reduced the drop-out rate by as much as 78 percent and enhances the customer journey.  Additionally, it will increase acceptance and retention by providing a smooth transition that better prepares your consultants.

Majorel Navigator™ can assist your business in becoming more profitable by providing:

  • A smooth and efficient process through comprehensive consultation – all contractual relationships are transparent and can be processed on a step-by-step basis.
  • Unique features – assessment of financial well-being from an insurance coverage/risk perspective, one-click full overview, data security – establish trust and strengthen long-term customer loyalty.
  • Optimum preparation for customer appointments – both standard financial assessments in accordance with DIN 77230 and individual approaches.
  • Acquisition of new customers – additional free web service provides a direct transition to personal consultation.
  • No additional in-house IT workload – your insurance navigator will have your individual look and feel with availability within 4 weeks.

Acquisition of ISILIS

In order to further strengthen our digital banking offering, we have recently acquired Société ISILIS, a leading French software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform dedicated to premium account switching processes. Other services include inheritance management and anti-fraud services. ISILIS’s platform provides full compliance with regard to regulatory constraints and offers optimized banking processes and customer satisfaction through a high-quality monitoring service and a white-labeled specialized customer service.

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