Vertical BPO Services

We expertly combine deep vertical and technical know-how with the human touch, to ensure that back office processes are more efficient and deliver great CX for your customers. Majorel’s proprietary digital tools are a key part of this offer – specifically targeted at the unique needs of key growth sectors, connecting front office (Customer Interaction Services) and back office for seamless CX.

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Deep Vertical Know-How

Our vertical BPO services span all sectors, with a particular focus on our different growth verticals. By combining our deep industry expertise with excellent operational capabilities and  – depending on the specific set-up – with innovative solutions and technology, we offer services such as claims management in insurance where we support the entire process from the declaration to the implementation of the compensation.

For the automotive industry e-mobility services for which we have established our own e-mobility training academy in cooperation with the German Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV), and specialized back-office services for our utility and banking clients.

Proprietary Digital Solutions

These BPO services leverage our suite of proprietary digital tools that seamlessly connect front and back office services to provide engaging CX for customers, optimize our clients’ operational costs and drive revenue generation. These include:

Majorel Acquire™

Based on our customer engagement platform (Enliven), we developed our acquisition solution to optimize our clients’ lead conversion cycle with a data-driven approach using advanced analytics. Based on ML (machine learning), Majorel Acquire predicts the best timeslots for contacting leads, the right channel to use and the most promising offer to make to increase sales for our clients.

By evaluating actual results, our platform continuously adapts multichannel contact strategies, including calls, messaging services, email, voice SMS and rich communication services (RCS). To optimize production hours and costs for our clients, we leverage state-of-the-art outbound management systems, and improve the use of human resources in the process.

Majorel PerfectMatch™

This solution augments the management of insurance claims to support our clients to deliver fast and efficient claims settlement to their customers and high customer satisfaction as a result. PerfectMatch includes workflow and business rules management, decision support and deadline management to help our CX experts to improve processing compliance. To decrease search time and improve process quality, PerfectMatch also provides document management, full-text indexing and search.

Majorel Lingua™

Our omni-language solution facilitates the bundling of multilingual services in low-cost locations as well as serving customers in rare languages.

Written requests in certain languages are machine-translated (AI assisted) in real-time into English, are then handled by an English-speaking team member and the response is then translated into the original language to be submitted to the customer. A review of the answer by colleagues with native speaker language skills is also an option. Majorel Lingua combines machine translation, AI and crowd-based human quality control and currently covers approximately 50 languages.

In addition, our proprietary digital solutions also include more specialized and complex platforms for Digital Consumer Engagement and Digital Banking.

Specialized Digital Solutions

Digital Consumer Engagement

Digital Consumer Engagement

A holistic approach to digitally engage consumers for marketing, sales and services activities. Today, the consumer journey is increasingly digital. The world of brick-and-mortar and eCommerce is converging. Businesses need to engage consumers in a holistic approach, digitally connecting consumer touchpoints from marketing automation, sales conversion, customer service and CX management.

Vertical Digital Solutions

Vertical Digital Solutions

Leveraging our deep domain and process knowledge, we have developed a suite of specialized digital solutions specifically designed to address the different needs of our clients across industry verticals. Majorel Digital Banking™ supports financial service providers in digitizing and optimizing their processes and services to reduce operating costs and drive revenues.


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