Agile. Secure. Reliable.

We have designed our global technology platform to deliver agile, secure, reliable and cost-effective services to our clients by leveraging a cloud-first approach.

We partner with best-in-class solution providers, complemented by our own proprietary technology solutions, to deliver a turnkey CX environment including CXaaS, Advanced Analytics, RPA/Automation, AI/Conversational AI, Omnichannel/Agent Assist and specialized tools like OLS – Majorel Lingua.

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At Majorel, we define CXaaS as the creation of a holistic view of the customer experience. We develop the necessary tools that allow you to innovatively compete in the era of customer-centricity. We can support you with personalizing services at every touchpoint, robust omnichannel experiences, and online engagement for your customers. In order to effectively leverage your data, we offer you data integration and a single view of your customers across all channels. These are the key components of excellent CXaaS.

Having these features, will not only assist you in delivering a more personalized CX, but also improve business performance by reducing down time (outages) and costs, streamlining your customer service, and giving you a competitive advantage through integrated omnichannel customer interaction. Omnichannel CX optimizes customer experience and satisfaction as well as opening additional opportunities for value add contact.

Process Automation & RPA


RPA is a software process that uses AI and machine learning to handle high-volume, repeatable tasks that in the past would normally be performed by humans.

For the customer service world, this means that RPA offloads tasks such as back-office work that includes things like billing or claims processing.

Our other features include:

  • A consolidated customer view
  • Deployment of frontend robots to replicate changes across multiple systems
  • Robot processing of complex actions, guiding employees through processes, ensuring compliance, and reducing training time for newer employees
  • Robots improve customer communication by raising alarms about urgent issues, reminders of customer contact, scheduled follow-ups, and any necessary information
  • Bots providing guidance to make sure that the process is followed as intended and validating data to ensure accuracy

Our front office automation solutions lead to faster transactions and a substantial reduction in errors. Additionally, they improve compliance, and customer engagement, satisfaction and, ultimately, retention. This all translates into reduced costs and increased ROI.

Analytics – Customer Service Analytics


We gather and analyze different types of customer data and metrics which gives you actionable insights that allow you to assess your strategy and design better customer experiences. We combine your quantitative and qualitative data to obtain a holistic view of your customer experience to give you a better understanding of your clients’ needs and expectations of your product or service.

Access to this analysis gives you the ability to predict the behavior of prospective clients based on previous customer actions. This in turn will assist you in being better prepared to assist them and improve customer loyalty and retention.

Smart Engagement


Smart Engagement has proven to be very effective in improving business performance and the bottom line. It involves using automated processes and technology to help prioritize tasks and make optimal business decisions.

Our solutions include:

  • Automated Interaction and Bots
  • Omni-language Solution (Majorel Lingua)
    • Rapid implementation
    • Translation of text in real time
    • Most European and Asian languages

In today’s world, the best customer retention strategy is one that includes personalized experiences and leverages AI and Machine Learning to improve customer engagement. Our AI solutions enhance and streamline customer interactions. This includes gaining a higher customer retention rate and increasing customer satisfaction. Tools like Majorel Lingua allows customer service to be centralized thus reducing costs and offering greater flexibility to enter new markets quickly. All these factors have a significant impact on the business performance, and your company’s bottom line and agility.

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