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In wake of the pandemic, there has been an accelerated and structural shift towards remote working.

Navigating this transition and adapting to a work-from-home setup has driven a tremendous change for both businesses and employees alike. At Majorelsuccessfully shifting to this new normal was imperative to ensure the safety of employees and the continuity of business during the pandemic.

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Working From Anywhere

As a team of 82,000+ colleagues dispersed amongst 45 countries, we were able to embark on this challenge head-on with an effective solution. We implemented a hybrid work from home model so that employees could safely return to work and have enhanced flexibility for remote and in-office work. We believe that hybrid working models are here to stay and expect a cultural shift towards working from home to become the norm.

Hybrid Working Anywhere Scenarios

With business efficiency being one of our key drivers, we’re happy for the expansion of our work from home model, further enabling:

  • Work From Office

    100% work from office (with remote work on an exceptional basis)

  • Flexible Work

    Flexible model with a mix of work from home, work from office, and coworking spaces

  • Home-based

    Predominantly work from home, office only for specific purposes

  • 100% Work from Home

    100% virtual “site” (WFH), not bound to any office

The Benefits of Hybrid Working

  • Increased Flexibility

    Hybrid working allows for much more flexible staffing as there is no restriction to space and location, as well as providing the option of flexible shift models (e.g. split shifts).

  • Extension of Talent Pool

    Identifying the right people in a virtual environment can be challenging.  By accessing new regions through location-independent sourcing, we are able to recruit without local geographic and lingual limitations.

  • Increase in Scalability

    Through virtual sites, we can rapidly increase our capacity and expect to be able to reduce ramp duration to shorter hiring lead times and combined training groups.

  • Ensuring of BCP

    Several work-from-home scenarios proven during the COVID-19 pandemic as a successful risk mitigation strategy.

  • Reduction of Absenteeism & Attrition

    Across most business working from home, we have seen much lower absenteeism and lower attrition rates.

  • Cost Efficiency

    We have calculated the cost impact to operate from home for most of our clients to be at least neutral, often even positive.


With the rapid shift of COVID-19, the need to measure employee engagement and productivity in all scenarios from full work-from-home to work-from-office became a necessity. Our experts can help you set up your professional WFH operation.

Work From Anywhere Platform

Work From Anywhere Platform

Our hybrid digital workspace allows you to onboard and engage from anywhere, establish a protected and controlled environment, foster augmented performance, and overseed forecast, execution & results.

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