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Extract valuable information from every customer interaction

As a BPO player, we are at the center of interactions between brands and customers. Through our AI-based analytics solution, we allow you to deep-dive into those interactions, whether it’s audio recordings, chat conversations, or emails. With the use of Generative AI, we extract valuable insights on your customers. You’ll be able to gain complementary information on their view of the brand, and their pain points, which are crucial in strategic decision-making as our quality teams will bring their industry expertise to the table to personalize analytics and processes to your environments.

Key strategic goals achieved

Our solution

Solution expertise

Complete configuration and setup done by our in-house experts, in addition to customizing it to your specific use cases.

Customizable insights

Creation of target group-oriented dashboards, reports, and data classification, all customized to specific insight needs

Targeted coaching

Identification of individual coaching needs through different analyses such as sentiment and silence analysis to improve our teams’ performance

Speech and text

Insights collected from customer interactions across all channels, whether it’s speech or text

Integration with 3rd party tools

Maximization of insight extraction by integrating with the relevant tools for data input (CSAT tool, CRM, etc.)

How it works

Uncover insights from customer interactions with AI analytics

Ready to gain understanding of customer preferences and valuable insights from their interactions? Our AI Analytics experts are here to assist you.

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