Engaging with my customers to increase their value and loyalty

We create customer engagement solutions and support your customers on their journey. Through customer service, analytics, loyalty programs and win back campaigns, we increase customer value and build loyalty for you.

Customer loyalty increases profits. Retaining an existing customer is around five to twenty-five times cheaper than winning a new one. Existing customers are 40 to 60 per cent more likely to convert than new customers. And companies that boost customer retention by as little as 5%, could increase profits from 25 to 95 percent, according to a study by Harvard Business School.

Putting people at the center of your customer engagement strategy

We truly believe that relationships are at the heart of customer engagement, retention and loyalty. We constantly go the extra mile to ensure that every customer we interact with on your behalf becomes an advocate of your product or service and feels a genuine connection with your brand.

Our advanced analytics platform allows our agents to see a 360° view of the customer journey and decide on the next best actions, whether it’s a cross-sell, upsell or an informed decision to please an upset customer. The solution enables our agents to deliver efficient, faster and smarter customer service for enhanced customer experience.

However, when it comes to customer retention and loyalty, we don’t stop at customer service. We currently have 200 million customers enrolled in loyalty programs run by us for top brands. Our hybrid, end-to-end loyalty solutions combine technology and customer service to address the broadest spectrum of loyalty requirements, from loyalty management to loyalty measurement and analytics.

Driven to deliver a truly engaging customer service

With a deep focus on increasing customer profitability, customer lifetime value and customer loyalty, we are 100% committed to deliver excellent results for maximum return on investment. We know serving you and your customers take resourcefulness, resilience, relentlessness, agility, and focus. It is this excellence that your customers will experience every time they come in touch with us.




Our advanced analytics capabilities allow us to understand your customers better and identify opportunities to save time and cost for you, while improving your customers’ journeys.

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Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Programs

We create unique loyalty programs depending on your needs. Currently, 200 million customers are enrolled in loyalty programs run by us.

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Customer Retention & Win-back

Customer Retention & Win-back

Our specially trained people are expert at early identification of customers considering a switch and reestablishing loyalty to your brand – even in cases of service termination and dissatisfaction.

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Customer service

Customer service

We design, deliver and differentiate customer service for the world’s leading brands – as a global leader in customer service, we can do the same for you, too.

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