Digital Banking Platform (DBP)

Our proprietary Digital Banking Platform (DBP) integrates various essential services like Bank Account and Security Account Transfer Services. Its modular design makes it possible to adapt services quickly and easily to your individual needs and integrate them on your website. Majorel’s DBP also allows you to automate processes, or individual process steps, that were previously carried out manually. Not only can this save you time and money, it also creates real added value for your customers, too.

Our global footprint and technical know-how make us the ideal partner for digitizing and simplifying your online banking processes in Europe and around the world.

Digital Banking Platform (DBP)

A new security account in just minutes with DBP

The advantages of the DBP can be illustrated using the example of the Security Account Transfer Service. Customers often hesitate to open a new account, as difficulties often arise when transferring the securities from their old brokerage account. The general security account switching forms appear complicated and incomprehensible to many customers and the transition process too cumbersome. Therefore, banks face the challenge of making the security account switch as easy as possible for their customers – naturally without omitting vital information, which could have legal consequences. Our switching service uses individual modules from the DBP, such as ‘eSignature’ and the integration of payment services in accordance with PSD2. In addition, it can be integrated directly with online banking.

Our Security Account Transfer Service guides customers through the process in just four steps. First, the customer chooses the transfer type for their security account – for example, to a new account in their name, or as a gift combined with a change of ownership. Here, individual cases as well as special cases, such as ‘inheritance’, are explained briefly and comprehensibly. If only individual securities are to be transferred to the new security account, the customer can have the positions of the old security account automatically read out. The customer then receives an overview of all the securities in the brokerage account and can subsequently choose which of the positions should be transferred. Finally, the customer is asked to digitally sign the order and send it electronically.

Fast, intuitive and automatic

The whole process is not only fast but, above all, intuitive. The menus direct the customer step by step through the process and explain each individual step, removing any obstacles when it comes to the security account switch. The entire process is completely automatic. Not only does this minimize potential errors, it also ensures that the entire security account, including all special cases, are transferred in only a few minutes.

Efficient, digital, better CX and a 30 percent uplift in completed account transfers – guaranteed

Components of Majorel’s DBP

Our DBP helps you implement your processes efficiently and digitally, save money, and improve customer experience. In addition, contact volume is reduced, as it only takes a few minutes for customers to handle the process on their own. Moreover, the customer doesn’t need to go to the post office to switch account, because the entire process – including digital signature – takes place online.

The Security Account Transfer Service makes it possible to guarantee up to 30 percent more completed security account transfers. Furthermore, the integration of the Security Account Transfer Service into your self-service portfolio eliminates manual post-processing, saving you time and money.

The Platform’s modular design has flexibility built-in, which means that we can add additional functions and make solutions available in different countries. Our global footprint and technical know-how make us the ideal partner for digitizing and simplifying your online banking processes in Europe and around the world.



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