Need to improve your customer experience?

We are optimally aligned to partner with clients from a wide range of industries in all matters relating to the digital transformation of customer service, holistically and across national borders.

We advise companies in all areas of customer experience (CX), customer service, and sales. If you need to develop your transformation strategy, we can help from the customer journey optimization and process design, to analyzing your automation potential and creating the business case for automation and AI.

CX Consulting

CX Consulting

Accumulating decades of operational expertise, deep technology know-how, and first-class consulting methodologies, our Customer Experience (CX) Consulting Practice is optimally equipped to support clients across industries in their digital transformation of customer interactions to improve and enhance the customer journey.

Our group of CX enthusiasts consists of process engineers, strategists, and technology experts, who work hand-in-hand to help you redefine and elevate your customers’ brand experience. Driven by the ambition to create measurable impact, our consulting approach is customer-centric, implementation-oriented, and results-driven. In other words, our work does not stop at the conceptual phase.

Our consulting portfolio spans a wide range of services including:

  • CX Strategy Development
  • Operational diagnostics
  • Process optimization
  • Touchpoint design
  • Tech advisory & implementation
  • Operating model design
  • Automation
  • Interim management

We work closely with end consumer markets and are part of a group of companies under the Majorel umbrella. For more information, please see our link: junokai



Majorel has created a subsidiary, majUP to offer solutions exclusively to startups. Our 25 plus years of international CX experience combined with our startup know-how allows us to assist you in meeting your immediate and long-term business needs. Since we are located in the most active startup hubs worldwide, we are plugged into these innovation ecosystems and understand the challenges of the startup journey. Moreover, having worked closely with many well-known startup successes and having grown with them, we are the ideal partner to work with you locally to upscale your CX globally. With majUP, you get the stability and security of a large company with the agility and adaptability of a smaller service provider.

We now offer more cost-effective and flexible service packages based on your short-term needs with a smooth transition to a different plan on a monthly basis. You only pay for what you really need with everything on demand. Along with our startup-friendly service offer, you have access to our cutting-edge solutions tailored for the unique needs of fast-growing startups. If you are looking for a partner to assist you with scalability, flexibility, and intercultural expertise, majUP is your perfect match for outstanding customer experience. 

To see more, visit majUP

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30 June 2021

Majorel wins Platinum Award for Best Customer Experience (CX)

Majorel has won the Platinum Award for Best CX for its work with long-standing client Correos (Spain’s national postal service provider). The Platinum Contact Center Awards have established themselves as independent and prestigious awards that recognize excellence in customer service and customer experience in Spain.

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