Customer Service for Vehicle Subscription and Short-Term Vehicle Ownership Model Providers

Mobility is changing and as a result, vehicle ownership is becoming less important and usage of shared mobility services is picking up in most European markets. More and more end-customers want vehicles available on short notice and with a lot of time flexibility. They are increasingly turning to subscription and usage-based models to meet their needs.

We have developed communication solutions to meet these new customer needs. Additionally, these innovative solutions create a smooth digital customer journey and help ensure devoted customers.

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Customer Service for Pioneers of the Mobility Revolution

In order to meet the changing usage needs of end customers and the requirements of new mobility concepts, a social rethink and a willingness to invest in new digital technologies are needed. This provides pioneers in the vehicle subscription and short-term vehicle ownership segments the opportunity to conquer and sustainably change the mobility market. With their offerings, it is no longer necessary to have one’s own vehicle for each everyday situation. Instead, there are a variety of alternatives.

Majorel’s goal is to play an active role in meeting the ever-changing needs of customers in this dynamic mobility segment. We have developed a customized digital customer journey that enables providers of vehicle subscriptions and short-term vehicle ownership models to communicate with their customers effectively and efficiently.

Classic Customer Service & Digital Technologies

We have many years of experience in the automotive industry as well as extensive competencies in  the internet, high-tech, banking, and e-commerce industries. With this wide range of expertise, we can  help you take your customer communications to the next level.

In addition to classic omni-channel solutions (phone, chat and email) in 60 languages, we offer you the latest digital technologies so that your customers receive quotes tailored to their needs. We are also a competent partner and provide reliable assistance in challenging situations that arise for your customers, such as breakdowns or accidents.

We understand that the vehicle subscription and short-term vehicle ownership sector has several target groups. So, this becomes even more important to customize solutions to meet these target groups needs digitally as well as with personal dialogue – always with the aim of serving a wide variety of needs.

Whether you are in an early development, market entry phase, or have already established yourself as a player in the market, our experience in customer service allows us to support you in setting the right tone and increasing customer loyalty.

Our solutions allow you to focus on your core business:

Our solutions

  • Omni-channel communication
    We offer you classic customer service via telephone, videoconferencing, e-mail, chat, messenger, social media, and connect the individual channels seamlessly.
  • Virtual sales room
    In our virtual sales room, you can present your available fleet.
  • Self-service portal and semantic search
    Our self-service platforms and intelligent search engines help your end-customers find solutions to meet their needs without assistance. As a result, there will be a reduction in the number of customer service inquiries.
  • Co-browsing and videoconferencinge
    Sometimes complex products or information are difficult to explain by phone or email. With our co-browsing module via videoconferencing, we can guide your customers through the process in real time, saving you time and money.
  • Know Your Customer (KYC)
    With our KYC solutions for identity verification, you can shorten the time for onboarding new customers while maintaining a high level of legal compliance and scalability.
  • Digital Signature
    With the help of digital signature, your process for contracts can be handled completely online.
  • Retention and Win-back
    We can help you with target- and solution-oriented customer retention and win-back measures.

The Majorel Advantage

  • State-of-the-art omni-channel communication tools
  • High customer satisfaction and long-term partnerships
  • Continuous improvement of customer experience (CX) through close and transparent collaboration
  • Professionally trained staff with extensive knowledge of urban mobility and vehicle subscriptions
  • 60 available languages
  • Decades of experience in the automotive sector and cross-industry knowledge
  • 24/7 availability

Focus as the key to success – What we focus on:

You can offer the optimal customer experience using our solutions:



We have a unique customer experience management approach that keeps your time and effort to a minimum: You simply provide us with information on the scope of the order, the desired KPIs and the required IT connection. We take care of the rest and deliver a ready-to-use solution.



With our global network of locations, we can support you flexibly and efficiently even with rapid growth and scale your customer service at short notice.



Data breach concerns are a thing of the past! We offer customer service according to the latest standards of data security, work GDPR-compliant and are certified by ISMS and ISO 27001.

We make certain that you can provide your customers with smooth customer service processes which can improve customer satisfaction. Get in touch with us!

These improvements translate into higher customer acquisition and retention rates. Please contact us if you would like to learn how our solutions can improve your bottom line.

For a personal consultation, please contact:

Steffen Engelbrecher
Project Manager Majorel Automotive

Phone: +49 30 88667 3740

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