Conversational AI

Today, customer interactions take place on multiple channels and devices, and revolve around increasingly complex products and services. To keep pace with these developments, companies need to invest in automated strategies to address standard customer queries. That way, customer service representatives can concentrate on what really matters: advising your customers on more complex topics and a stronger focus on opportunities to add value. We have leveraged decades of customer service experience to create a unique Conversational AI Platform using bots. Bots help to reduce service center contact volume, creating time for personal customer contact. They can also be combined with the ‘human touch’ to help you create hybrid service experiences that generate real added value for you, as well as an amazing experience for your customers.

And, of course, one of the key customer needs that automation addresses is speed. For 22 percent of customers, a quick response to their inquiry is the decisive factor in customer service – ahead of cost and quality. And 45 percent of customers actually prefer to talk with a bot!

Our Unique Conversational AI Approach

Our Conversational AI Platform combines various automation solutions, like Chatbots, Voicebots, and FAQ bots, and supports multiple communication channels. This means that your customers can use both chat and messenger services as well as voice channels to contact the company through fully or partially automated communication. We deploy best-of-breed technologies in the fields of natural language understanding as well as dialog and knowledge management, and also integrate third-party solutions.

With predesigned packages for specific requests – like entities, dialog forms, and FAQs – chatbots can process standard procedures automatically and on a case-by-case basis, complementing customer service center employees. For example, bots can process information and procedures, handle customer interactions in the place of service center representatives, or transfer certain interactions to those as needed. Although chatbots are already able to solve a variety of tasks on their own, they continue to need the support of their human colleagues. Furthermore, teams of dialog and content manager experts are continuously working on improving the way chatbots work. For example, using specially developed real-time analyses and business intelligence integrations to enhance chatbots and tailor them to your specific requirements.

Our Front Office Automation Expertise, Your Advantage

  • Reduce your operating costs by using chatbots to support your service center representatives
  • Improve customer experience by giving your customers the ability to contact you anytime, anywhere and from any device
  • Improve the experience of your customer service representatives and give your account managers the ability to focus on critical customer concerns
  • Use chatbots to quickly process large contact volumes
  • Make initial personalized offers to your customers automatically and increase your sales rate
  • Offer global customer service by using chatbots in different languages
  • Extend and optimize the use of chatbots with the help of experienced AI experts


Working together, we can create chatbot solutions that free-up valuable operational capacity and deliver a CX your customers will love!

Jonas Steigertahl
Digital Lead Global Banking

Phone: +49 5241 1797034

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