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Trust and Safety

A safe, legal and trustworthy online experience for your users and customers.

With millions of pieces of content uploaded every minute, keeping your users safe, ensuring your content is legal and protecting your reputation is an almost insurmountable task. Our extensive network of experienced reviewers in combination with our latest artificial intelligence (AI) technology can help you moderate content at scale.

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Cultural complexities make it increasingly challenging for the smartest of algorithms to determine what content is appropriate. What is deemed acceptable in one country may be offensive in another. Therefore, having deep knowledge and contextual understanding of a culture and its nuances is essential for content moderation. Our reviewers are experts in navigating these cultural complexities and trained to understand the importance of distinctive sensitivities, habits & biases. We also provide content review services from our multi-lingual hubs at a regional and local level.

Our Services

Our extensive network of experienced reviewers help you moderate content at scale and implement legislation controls and prevention operations, including with regard to GDPR compliance and the right to be forgotten.​

Review and Compliance

Review and Compliance

  • Content Moderation: Objectionable Content​
  • Content Moderation: Illegal Content ​
  • Privacy Violation Review​
  • Copyright and Intellectual Property (IP) Compliance​
  • Social Media Reputation, Positioning and Risk Management
Content Services

Content Services

  • Translations​
  • Transcription​s
  • Contextualization & Localization​
  • Quality Assurance (QA)
Platform Safety

Platform Safety

  • User Safety and Authentication​
  • Identity Theft Prevention​
  • Platform Integrity
  • Identification of Emerging Trends
  • Live Moderation

Key Differentiatiors

As a content moderation pioneer since 2012, we have a unique view on what it takes to succeed in this dynamic, fast-changing industry where experience and agility go together. It’s the reason why we are selected to moderate the world’s leading content platforms.

Trusted Long-Term Partner

Trusted Long-Term Partner

We hold a strong commitment to creating and keeping solid, long-term client relationships based on mutual trust, thus reducing any risk. The result of our unparalleled commitment and approach to partnerships is clearly reflected in the 12-year average length of our corporate relationships.

People First

People First

We value our teams for their immense contribution to the industry and focus on their continuous upskilling and preparation for the future. Additionally, employee well-being and resilience is one of our highest priorities. Our Feel Good Program is designed to meet the support needs of our people while promoting a work environment driven by our values.

Cultural Affinity

Cultural Affinity

Our expert reviewers are primarily multilingual native-level speakers fluent in the local culture, key to applying contextual understanding through cultural affinity. We focus training on cultural sensitivities, habits & biases which further supports their discernment of appropriate content.

Focus On Wellbeing

Focus On Wellbeing

We focus on people wellbeing throughout the employee journey. Starting with a clear understanding of what the job entails at the recruitment phase, to individual and collective wellbeing programs supported by trained professionals. We have adopted a number of wellness activities to safeguard the health of our content reviewers.

Deliver Exclusive Insights

Deliver Exclusive Insights

With 12,000+ reviewers all over the world and tight knowledge of user behavior and their published content, we have developed ample expertise to gather and relay global market and industry insights to our Clients.

Technology and People for an Optimized Experience

By working with Majorel, we’ll help you navigate the complexity of customer experience management and make sure you get the best from technology and people. By understanding your vision and your strategy, not just your customer experience processes. By recommending the technology that’s best for you, not just the latest buzzwords. By living your culture and working as your extended team. Because it’s still the people that make the difference – for your customers and your brand.

Our Feel Good Program

Investing in our employee’s well-being and resilience is top priority. We have developed an extensive employee wellness framework to support our employees in content moderation operations, in particular, those supporting egregious content workflows. This framework has been in place for several years and is valued by our employees, showing a high level of engagement and utilization. The program is constantly evolving with our approach, significantly matured by many factors: industry trends, employee feedback and utilization, management and client observation, public opinion, the vendor community, media drivers and, most recently, the Coronavirus pandemic.

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