As a global market leader in end-to-end CX, we have decades of cross-industry operational and technology expertise. With several million contacts every day, we know what customers really value in communication. And now, we’d like to share this expertise with you to ensure the success of your business.

Our practice-oriented consulting, deep industry vertical expertise and digital know-how enables you to create amazing experiences for your customers and to stand out from the crowd.


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Our consulting solutions cover three areas: Customer Experience where we show you how to create amazing experiences for your customers; Operational Excellence, which is all about delivering total reliability; and Digital Transformation where we help you to digitize your customer service and make it ready for the future.

Customer Experience

How can I create more value with every interaction and use CX to differentiate my brand?

As customers are a company’s most important asset, it’s essential for companies to not only satisfy their needs but also to exceed their expectations too. World class brands trust us to be the first contact with their customers. And with several million contacts every day, we know what customers really value. Armed with this unique know-how, our consultants can help you to create a better customer experience with more added value and real impact.

Operational Excellence

How can I efficiently set up and empower my customer service organization?

Our clients expect operational excellence as a given. It’s something we’re known for and something that we work at fine-tuning every day. It means ensuring total reliability through relentless attention to every detail and a complete focus on doing our very best.

Our consultants can transfer this know-how to you too. Naturally, they’re experienced and certified in the most important practical standards for effective customer service operations (e.g. COPC, Six Sigma, IPMA, BPMN 2.0).

Digital Transformation

How can I digitalize customer services and excite my customers with innovative contact solutions they’ll really love?

Technological change is the new constant. It drives up customer demand as well as the possibilities for meeting it. We can help you to digitize your customer service so you can better manage complexity, improve operational efficiency and deliver the best CX. With the digital shift in consumer behavior, digitizing your customer service has become the norm.



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30 June 2021

Majorel wins Platinum Award for Best Customer Experience (CX)

Majorel has won the Platinum Award for Best CX for its work with long-standing client Correos (Spain’s national postal service provider). The Platinum Contact Center Awards have established themselves as independent and prestigious awards that recognize excellence in customer service and customer experience in Spain.

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