Business Process Services

Next-generation BPO solutions for growth verticals.

We are global leaders in Content Services, Trust & Safety, which we’ve pioneered since 2012. We also deliver Vertical BPO Services, with complimentary digital tools, to support back-office processes which are often integrated with our Customer Interaction Services, ensuring seamless CX for our clients’ customers.

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Deep Vertical Expertize & Digital Know-How

Content Services, Trust & Safety, involves moderating the world’s leading content platforms, including complex value-add services like review and compliance, tagging, online community management, commercialization/ad support and platform integrity.

For clients in the BFSI sector and other key verticals, we have implemented industry-specific BPO services. These include claims management for the insurance sector, e-mobility services for automotive, and specialized back-office services for utilities and banking.

These BPO services leverage our suite of proprietary digital tools that seamlessly connect front and back office services to provide engaging CX for customers, optimize our clients’ operational costs and drive their revenue generation.

For example, for the insurance sector we offer identity, risk and solvency verification of potential customers, digitization of contracting and underwriting, installation of fraud detection systems and scanning, managing and archiving of documents. In addition, we focus on collecting and managing data, including the digital capture of paper and electronic documents, combined with the extraction of information into appropriate business applications. This paper-to-electronic conversion serves to drive the automation of business processes.

Our Services

Content Services, Trust & Safety

Content Services, Trust & Safety

With millions of pieces of content uploaded every minute, keeping your users safe, ensuring your content is legal and protecting your reputation is an almost insurmountable task. Our extensive network of experienced reviewers in combination with our latest artificial intelligence (AI) AI technology can help you moderate content at scale.

Vertical BPO Services

Vertical BPO Services

We expertly combine deep vertical and technical know-how with the human touch, to ensure that back office processes are more efficient and deliver seamless CX for your customers. Majorel’s proprietary digital tools are a key part of this offer – specifcally targeted at the unique needs of key growth sectors like BFSI, Automotive and Utilities.


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