Automation for Banking & Fintech

Automation is much more than just technology. Our team of experts can determine the optimization potential for your service infrastructure and processes. With the help of automation solutions, such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Desktop Automation, we can not only improve the efficiency of your processes but also reduce operating costs at your service center, too. A good example of how this can work is for Account Opening.

Automation for Banking & Fintech

Account Opening: Save Time and Money with Automation

Opening a new bank account can be quite disillusioning for the customer. The number of possible account types, the multitude of information needed, or individual documents to be mailed to the bank all take a lot of time and can be a real strain for both customers and bank employees. Plus, the process usually involves a lot of back and forth.

We’ve recognized the need to make this process more efficient. With the help of our Automation solutions, we allow your customers to complete the whole account opening process online and from home. Customers are automatically guided through the various options and account types. Furthermore, all of the information is collected electronically, physical document records are electronically validated, and all account management information and documents are made available to the customer online.

Here’s how it works

Automation solutions, such as chatbots, make it possible to map out the entire process of creating a new bank account online, while the necessary background processes are carried out by RPA. The chatbot is launched automatically from the website or from an app. It determines the type of customer, the customer’s needs, and offers the customers various options to create their bank account. The chatbot then collects all the relevant personal and non-personal data needed to create a bank account. Afterwards, a special RPA bot automatically creates the account. Our unique VideoIdent procedure allows the customer to also provide images or proof of identification which the bank requires for legal reasons. If necessary, a customer service representative in the service center can assist the customer with this. Furthermore, the chatbot can be instructed to download banking apps, too.

Our Expertise in Automation, Your Advantages

  • Significant increase in productivity due to the automated process
  • Considerable cost savings
  • Frees up service center capacity for more complex customer requests
  • Reduction of fraud, such as identity theft
  • Unique insights into customer behavior and the difficulties that can occur during the account creation process, such as whether a single process step takes too long, or at which points a customer gives up


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