Analytics for Banking and Fintechs

Digitization offers fintechs and banks a wide variety of new opportunities, especially when it comes to customer communication. The intelligent use of big data and advanced analytics also plays an important role here. In our digitized world, it is essential for financial service providers to deal with their customers’ needs, intentions, and preferences in detail, in order to be able to make relevant and useful offers.

Analytics for Banking and Fintechs

According to McKinsey, more than 90 percent of the top 50 banks around the world are using advanced analytics. However, while most of them are having one-off successes, they’re finding it hard to scale-up. This is where our expertize might be able to help. With our analytics solutions, you will be able to provide your customers with a truly unique user experience – across all contact channels and touchpoints.

The 360° Customer View


Analytics makes it possible for you to intelligently manage customer interactions and sustainably improve sales, marketing, and customer service metrics. In order to benefit from these advantages, we use an analytics platform that provides customer service representatives with a 360° view on your customers and also allows them to make individually tailored additional offers. This is how we can help you to provide your customers with a personal service, take advantage of cross-selling potential, increase efficiency, and lower the total operating costs of customer communication.

Our analytics platform allows you to ...

  • Use data sources and channels to better understand your customers
  • Use machine learning and analytics to evaluate findings about your customers
  • Transform these findings into “Next Best Actions” and use them to optimize each individual customer touchpoint
  • Add intelligent automation to existing IT systems, digitization technologies, and all contact channels. And orchestrate it, to provide customers with a personalized customer journey — including analytics, robotic process automation (RPA), chat- and voicebots, as well as natural language interaction
  • Use our 360° customer view, so your employees can provide comprehensive, personalized customer service through every contact channel

Our Analytics Expertise, Your Advantages

  • Improve customer satisfaction by providing your customers with customized and personalized service at any time and at every touchpoint
  • Prevent customer churn by analyzing your customer’s behavior in real time and responding promptly
  • Increase sales and improve customer loyalty via individualized cross-selling and upselling offers – provide your customers with the right products and services at the right time
  • Reduce service center costs and contact volume by proactively looking after your customers


Our analytics solutions can help you to improve  customer satisfaction, reduce churn, increase sales and reduce costs.

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Digital Lead Global Banking

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