AI-Powered Customer Experience Solutions

Artificial Intelligence (AI), whether driving analytics solutions, automating routine tasks or in the form of Generative AI enhancing a voice bot, is a powerful technology that creates exciting possibilities to improve CX Management.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), whether driving analytics solutions, automating routine tasks or in the form of Generative AI enhancing a voice bot, is a powerful technology that creates exciting possibilities to improve CX Management.


Elevate customer engagement with AI solutions

Artificial Intelligence can significantly enhance customer experience by pinpointing customer needs and expectations, reducing handling time, and improving the quality of the interactions. This enables companies to drive both revenue growth and operational efficiency. At the same time, it can help Customer Service Representatives in their daily jobs by assisting them in providing the right answer or helping in handling peak volumes.

As exciting as the possibilities are, implementing AI solutions into CX operations can be quite challenging. To realize the full benefit, the right use cases need to be found, bots need to be designed and trained, analytic solutions need to be optimized and processes might have to be re-engineered. And – with the advent of Generative AI being even more prominent – an appropriate AI governance model needs to be defined to ensure responsible use of this powerful technology.

Unlocking excellence: Our suite of AI-driven CX services

Leveraging our expertise in different verticals and dedication to enhancing the customer experience, our AI hubs have crafted a suite of offerings to harness the power of AI. This way, we can help you achieve your key strategic goals, whether it’s to:

Improve your customer’s experience by ensuring a seamless journey across all customer touchpoints

Gain valuable insights on customers to be able to personalize and drive added-value from your contact center

Increase efficiency in your service operations to reduce the total cost of ownership

Set the standard of processes and structures to easily scale up when needed

Drive revenue growth and assist in increasing sales

Enhance the flexibility of your operations for planned and unplanned volume peaks while maintaining excellent service

Our key differentiators

Combining 30 years of CX and vertical know-how, continuously honed AI capabilities, and the expertise of our teams, we offer our clients AI solutions that integrate technology and human skills to drive their business goals. In this, our AI solutions deliver great CX – empowered by technology, made by humans. Culturally aligned. Relentlessly reliable. Always responsibly.

We believe that great CX is achieved only by a well-balanced combination of advanced technology and human skills. That is why we enhance our teams’ expertise with AI, use automation where it’s effective, and the human touch where it’s a win-win – in customer loyalty, satisfaction, or in sales. In all this, the human touch always remains essential – in service encounters, but also behind the scenes, shaping the interactions. Only that way, we deliver the humanity that defines the right brand experience.

We can only have great CX, more natural-feeling automated conversations, and to-the-point analytical solutions, when closely attuned to local needs and particularities. That’s why we supercharge the best talent, optimal processes, and the right technologies with the cultural nuance and a sound feel for local operations that the geographical set-up of our AI hubs provides. This way, we can deliver a CX that is global, yet personal – no matter the cultural background.

In a world that is changing with increasing speed – especially when it comes to advances in Artificial Intelligence – we are committed to being a long-term partner that our clients can truly rely on. This means that we have the basics down, do what we say, deliver results, and strive to do the impossible when they need us to.

We are committed to using AI responsibly – without exception. This means that our AI solutions are set up by experts based on the principles of responsible AI, have passed the Majorel Trust Assessment, and are closely supervised. This provides our clients with the peace of mind that their two most important assets are in safe hands: their brand and their customers.

AI-powered products tailored to your business

Our products are diverse and use different types of AI tools. With recent technological progress, we have been focusing on solutions providing the most added value when combined with the human touch of our teams and adapted to your specific needs.

AI Translation

AI Translation

Say goodbye to language barriers with Majorel Lingua, our AI-powered translation service. Seamlessly communicate with customers in their native language, optimize operational costs, and enhance global reach. Explore how we break down barriers for you.

Ready to transcend languages?
Interaction Analytics

Interaction Analytics

Gain invaluable insights from every customer interaction with our AI-based analytics solution. Deep-dive into audio recordings, chat conversations, and emails to understand customer perspectives and pain points. See how our personalized analytics can drive strategic decision-making.

Ready to unlock customer insights?

Maximize your AI capabilities with Majorel's expertise

Ready to take your customer experience to the next level? Our team of experts is here to guide you. Contact us today, and let’s explore how Majorel’s AI solutions can transform your business.

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We're global and local.

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