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Two birds with one stone: Self-service options both improve customer service and support digitization

Two birds with one stone: Self-service options both improve customer service and support digitization

“DIY” – something that customers want more than ever before. They want to answer their own questions and solve their own problems by finding the information themselves. Businesses are responding to this trend by offering self-service web portals. These are not only an important building block in customer service, but also very significant in the digitization of business processes.

Today, bank customers are making their transfers themselves using ATMs, while passengers at airports are using the check-in machines as a matter of course. Self-service has long become a part of everyday life and is increasingly moving to the web with the help of smartphones. What does this mean for businesses? To meet customer expectations, they should provide a self-service portal that is available online 24/7. On this communication platform, customers can, for example, find important, secure and easily accessible information in their personal portal. They can also keep their data up-to-date there.

Such a portal offers companies even more added value: they can use it to digitize entire business processes. This includes, for example, the conclusion of insurance contracts. If customers can provide digital documents with a qualified electronic signature, the complete contract can be completed via the portal – at any time and without media disruption. Cross-selling and up-selling can also be supported by the portal, since companies can provide customers with information about other products or services that are interesting and relevant to them.

Additional communication channels enhance the portal

Likewise, communication channels such as online chat or video calls can also be incorporated to expand the range of services. The benefit: customers are clearly identified in the portal by their log-in data, and customer advisors have all relevant information at hand right away. This improves data collection and therefore also dialogue with customers. In turn, sales also benefit from this information.

Author: Editorial team at “Future. Customer”
Image: ijeab – AdobeStock

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