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Solution for insurance companies: Damage claims via video call

Solution for insurance companies: Damage claims via video call

An insurance claim often causes a lot of bother for the customer. Even more important is a direct contact channel to the insurance company in order to get the help needed, fast. A new digital platform from Arvato CRM Solutions provides just that.

When the customer needs to make a damage claim, it is the moment of truth: Now they will find out whether they have chosen the right insurance. They expect rapid assistance and are thankful for all the support they can get. Not just with the settlement of the claim, but particularly when making contact with their insurance company to report the damage for the first time.

That is where a new platform from Arvato CRM Solutions comes in, known as “managed claims.” It organizes the handling of the damage claim and makes it possible to settle the claim via video call. During the call, the customer reviews the damage with the claims adjuster via the smartphone camera. Any questions can be clarified during the call, the damage is documented quickly and easily, and there is no need for an on-site visit from a surveyor in many cases.

Straightforward service for satisfied customers

This virtual “on-site” inspection offers multiple benefits for the customer:

  • The quick and straightforward assistance ensures high customer satisfaction and long-term customer loyalty. In previous projects, 9 out of 10 customers said they would recommend the service of “managed claims” to others.
  • Actions to remedy the damage or prevent subsequent damage can be discussed and set in motion immediately.
  • On-site visits by a surveyor and the prolonged back-and-forth to set appointments are no longer needed in many cases.

The platform also offers many benefits for the insurance company:

  • Throughout the process, administrative costs are reduced by about a third on average, and resources are optimized.
  • Managing surveyors and adjusters becomes much quicker and easier.
  • The image and video material from the call facilitates the assessment of the damage without an on-site visit.
  • Damage claims can be more accurately evaluated by the insurance company, lowering the rate of insurance fraud.

Go live faster: There are no IT expenses for the insurance company.

In summary: The “managed claims” platform connects customers, surveyors and external partners, simply and with due regard for all the applicable data protection requirements. As you would expect, it is compatible with all digital and mobile devices and enables rapid personal assistance in the event of a claim.

Video recording of damage is only one potential application of the platform for the development of customer service at insurance companies. “managed claims” can also be expanded with additional solutions from Arvato CRM Solutions — from classic around-the-clock customer service to case administration in the back office, document management and solutions to review closed cases using state-of-the-art analysis technology.

Author: Editorial team Future. Customer.
Image: © Kwangmoo – AdobeStock

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