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Showroom for the customer service of the future

Showroom for the customer service of the future

Digital customer communication opens up many new opportunities. In its CRM Studios, Arvato CRM Solutions shows what a modern customer dialogue can look like. Here, the company takes industry visitors on a futuristic voyage and uses various customer journeys show them its digital solutions portfolio. These customer journeys were recently expanded and a new showroom was opened in Berlin.


The company – QuantosX, a provider of teleportation trips – is just as fictitious as its customers. However, the comprehensive solutions for the customer dialogue that underlie the concept are very real. In the new CRM Studio in Berlin and in the now well-established CRM Studio in Gütersloh, Arvato CRM Solutions shows the opportunities offered by digital customer communication today.

Industry visitors can, for example, follow the case of a customer called Pia Pieper. Pia is sitting in the tram when she receives an invite to a party in Amsterdam. She spontaneously books a trip to the Dutch capital on her smartphone, via QuantosX’s Facebook page. A chatbot guides her through the booking process, however Pia is still not sure when she’ll be travelling back. She would like to know how much flexibility she has when it comes to changing the return leg, so she asks to chat to a human customer agent. The bot seamlessly hands over the dialog to a customer service representative, who logs directly into the chat and answers Pia’s questions. Afterwards, he seamlessly hands her back to his robot colleague, who proceeds with and completes the booking. Of course, Facebook Messenger is only one possible contact channel. Pia could also have booked the trip through her voice assistant or the QuantosX website.

When she arrives home, Pia has another question, this time about a bulky piece of luggage, which she can show the customer service agent on the video call. He answers her question and is also able to check her in there and then after she provides the necessary identification via the webcam. Pia then receives her booking confirmation and a personalized video with helpful information about her journey.

A few days later, Pia is in Amsterdam. She likes it so much she decides to extend her trip. She sends a WhatsApp message to the QuantosX customer service. The customer service representative receives Pia’s message on Arvato CRM Solutions’ omni-channel platform, into which an analytics solution is also integrated. The system informs the agent that QuantosX also offers a boat tour of the Amsterdam canals during the period for which Pia extended her trip, and that this could be of interest to her. The analytics solution assesses the data from Pia’s previous bookings and interactions with customer service to determine her individual preferences. The customer service agent reschedules Pia’s return journey and, as a next best action, makes her aware of the cult pub tour, which she can book directly through him if she’s interested.

Inspiration and customized solutions

“With our CRM Studios, our aim is not only to give our clients a vivid impression of next-generation customer communication, but also to provide inspiration,” says Thorsten Hanisch, Member of the Management Board at Arvato CRM Solutions. “Of course, not every company immediately needs our complete portfolio of solutions. That’s why we work with the client to identify their specific requirements and to put together a suitable package. We thereby help our partners to systematically digitize their customer services, and to improve the service experience for their end customers over the long term.”


Author: Editorial team Future. Customer.
Image: © Kay Herschelmann

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