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By Ruairi Adam, Director of Global Digital Transformation

Outside the service center: The greater value of RPA

Outside the service center: The greater value of RPA

The expansion of omnichannel service experiences has put a premium on customer service representatives’ time and attention. As companies face a looming recession and an increasingly global market with customers across time zones and regions expecting 24/7 access to online, email, and call-based service, the people that manage these teams are in a difficult position. They must maintain operational excellence while meeting growing demand—often with the threat of reduced headcounts.

To fulfill this complex and seemingly impossible ask, many customer experience (CX) team leaders are turning to technologies that can lighten the load on representatives while maintaining a human touch. Robotic process automation (RPA) is increasingly being used to do just that. Tools that leverage this emerging technology can optimize operations and free up representatives’ time.

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