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By: Fara Haron, Regional CEO & EVP Global Clients

It’s time to stop searching for skills. Build them instead.

It’s time to stop searching for skills. Build them instead.

Hiring in today’s market can feel like an uphill battle, but many leaders believe they must keep at it to ensure their businesses’ success. After all, proceeding with business as usual when your team is understaffed can threaten productivity and client relationships, not to mention that members of such teams can start to feel undervalued and overworked—a perfect recipe for burnout.

There’s a common belief that hiring is the only way to avoid the ill effects associated with being short-staffed. That means that organizations must fill the gaps using more aggressive recruitment tactics and a budget to match, right? Not quite. As some employers struggling to find talent continue this cycle, others have found another way to overcome today’s challenging market: investing in their staff and their career development.

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