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Elaine Coffman, Vice President of Human Resources at Majorel

How to identify and engage the best talent for your organization

How to identify and engage the best talent for your organization

In her interview with Authority Magazine, Elaine Coffman shares invaluable insights into the art of recognizing and involving top-tier talent within an organization. Discover the strategies and wisdom that can elevate your talent identification and engagement game to unprecedented heights.

Elaine emphasizes the significance of understanding the core values and goals of the company to align talent identification with the organization’s trajectory. She suggests that an agile mindset is crucial to navigating the evolving talent landscape, advocating for a data-driven approach to predict candidate success. By using a combination of behavioral assessments and predictive analytics, organizations can accurately evaluate candidates and determine their potential fit within the company. 

The importance of developing a compelling employer brand to captivate top talent, emphasizing transparency and authenticity in showcasing the company culture is also something Elaine deems to be crucial. Furthermore, she advocates for a holistic recruitment process that encourages collaboration between various teams, fostering diverse perspectives for better hiring decisions. Elaine Coffman’s expertise underscores the significance of a strategic, data-backed approach to talent identification and engagement, shedding light on the path to building a thriving, dynamic workforce. 

Read the full article on Authority Magazine here: medium.com/authoritymagazine 

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