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Louise McNab, VP Account Management

Fostering support for content reviewers through leadership resources

Fostering support for content reviewers through leadership resources

Social media platforms provide people with a space to create and view content and are the go-to destinations for those wanting to share everything from daily outfits to significant life updates.

Most of us use these platforms for entertainment and to connect with friends and family, without considering what goes on behind the scenes: teams of content reviewers working to ensure that our feeds are safe, appropriate and follow community guidelines.

Reviewing content on social platforms can be a demanding job. There are mass volumes of flagged videos, photos, and language to review, and it can take a toll on reviewers if that process goes unchecked. An organization must have the proper wellbeing measures in place to support reviewers in charge of protecting users from distressing content. Content reviewers need consistent, conscientious support from their leadership teams to prioritize their mental health and reduce burnout.

At Majorel, we’ve implemented Wellbeing and Resiliency programs to ensure that our content reviewers feel supported in their work. A key feature of these programs is making sure that the leadership on content review teams have ample resources to adequately care for their teams. Other features of the Wellbeing and Resiliency programs include:

  • A specifically developed training model for leadership: Leaders on our content reviewer teams go through training to equip them with the right skills to support and manage their teams. They receive training on topics like how to provide psychological first aid, have difficult conversations, and create a culture of wellbeing
  • 24/7 access to qualified support: Leadership staff has access to resiliency counselors onsite and remotely. These counselors are licensed psychologists who provide mental health support for personal or work-related topics. Many team leaders also have monthly check-ins with their counselors as a proactive way to address burnout and compassion fatigue. They also have 24/7 access to Employee Assistance Program support over the phone.
  • Group sessions and activities: Resiliency counselors also facilitate group sessions for leadership staff on a variety of topics. Majorel’s Wellbeing & Resiliency program offers these sessions to help leadership staff feel more confident in managing certain situations and knowing when to refer their teams to external support. Leadership members are also encouraged to attend in-person activities focused on fostering social environments for their teams to boost morale.
  • Peer group and community support: Operational Managers and team leaders attend leadership training together to foster peer support and avoid siloing their functions. We’ve found that this creates a better understanding among leaders. Sharing the challenges they face while leading content review teams helps to unify their approaches to managing difficult situations.

Majorel’s Wellbeing and Resiliency program creates a culture where leaders feels supported, so they can properly, and reciprocally support the content reviewers they oversee. With these resources, leaders of content review teams are better able to take care of their own wellbeing, enabling them to provide optimal support for their teams.

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