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Digitizing Files with the Arvato Scan Truck: Efficient, Secure and Right on your Doorstep

Digitizing Files with the Arvato Scan Truck: Efficient, Secure and Right on your Doorstep

A digital file archive is a key component of modern information management. Until now, in order to be able to professionally digitize files and documents, they had to be packaged at great expense and then sent off to a service provider. This was an expensive process and usually took quite a long time. The Arvato Scan Truck is now the first mobile digitization service in Germany that travels directly to the company.

A digital file archive offers companies and agencies a number of advantages. It allows people to perform quick, targeted searches or sort by file type (contract, invoice, etc.). Key information can be found with just a click, without having to go through countless different files. Another advantage is that the entire archive can fit on one compact storage medium. And data is unlimitedly available from your computer in the office as well as on the go from your smartphone.

In short, a digital archive allows companies to optimize their flow of information and improve their customer service, since it gives customer support representatives immediate access to all the relevant information, plus they can take advantage of cross-selling and upselling opportunities in real time.

Mobile high-tech scanning center

With its innovative scan truck, Arvato has now created a mobile digitization center. This mobile scanning unit allows companies to take advantage of the benefits listed above without any valuable or confidential documents ever having to leave the company’s premises. Documents are digitized right there on site under the strictest security measures and in compliance with all data protection provisions – no packaging, no transportation risks and any files that are needed remain accessible at short notice.

Clear and comprehensible indexing of the archived documents ensures a good outline with clear structures that allow files to be found quickly, with each individual document classified. The digital file includes specifications as to whether a document is an invoice, a contract or a notice of termination, for example. Flexible, precisely definable functions establish who is authorized to use certain documents, enabling the mobile solution to meet all the requirements of efficiency, compliance and data protection.

11 workstations are available for preparing and digitizing files in the scan truck. The high-performance scanner in the truck’s trailer processes up to 100,000 A4 pages every day. This means an entire archive can be digitized in just a few days, laying the foundation for efficient document management. These digital documents can be delivered in any established format, including PDF/A or TIFF. The result is a confusing mountain of files being transformed into easily accessible, future-proof data.

More information: www.scan-truck.de

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Image: Arvato CRM Solutions

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