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Customer service for a fashion brand: One face to the customer

Customer service for a fashion brand: One face to the customer

Majorel enables holistic communication from a single source for one of Europe’s leading fashion and lifestyle companies. What additional value does the company get from this?

The fashion company sells clothing and accessories in the middle price range. Since 2012, Majorel (formerly Arvato CRM Solutions) has supported the company with its provision of customer service via the traditional telephone and email channels. Given the growing similarity of the product offering in the retail sector, customer service is progressively becoming the factor that differentiates one company from the competition. The company realised the strategic significance of a seamless and positive customer experience early on and thus offers its customers enhanced and up-to-date communications based on their motto, “One face to the customer”.

Requirements and solutions

To achieve this goal, Majorel added a further contact channel to the existing service package and integrated customer communications via social media. Some of the company’s key requirements regarding the use of Facebook and Twitter as channels for customer communications were the development of a consistent yet channel-specific language for customer communications and the avoidance of channel discontinuities within individual customer queries.

The solution is based on a central customer service system through which all queries submitted by any given customer, no matter through which channel, are processed by the same customer manager in accordance with the principle, “One face to the customer”. So each customer is assigned a personal customer manager. Specially trained employees from Majorel are very familiar with the customer’s distribution process and they ensure that all incoming queries are answered within 45 minutes. In addition, channel-specific etiquette guidelines and corresponding communication rules have been developed by mutual consultation.

Added value for everyone

What advantages does all this offer? End customers, predominantly online shoppers, are addressed by the same voice regardless of where they are and through which channel they submit their query. Via a second or third contact channel, they then receive an identical reply from the same staff team, but with an individual channel-specific greeting, which varies. This helps to create a seamless and coordinated customer experience, even in light of the fact that many customers select other contact channels for further queries. Moreover, the integration of all channels helps the company get a detailed, 360-degree view of the customers.

Another advantage for the company is reduced workload when it comes to communication management. Social media channels in particular are used spontaneously and are busy around the clock, which is why they require intensive monitoring. It is therefore all the more important to provide support for these channels all-week-round. Companies are usually either unable to do this, or can only do so with great effort and expense. The support provided is structured around the opening times of the online shop. As a result, most queries are covered, since up to 80 percent are order-related questions.

With the integration of the social media channels, the cooperation between Majorel and its partner has successfully entered a new phase. “We are delighted that we, in social media, have integrated another cutting-edge contact channel into our solution portfolio for our partner,” says Kathrin Neubert, Senior Customer Manager at Majorel. “As a result, the company’s end customers receive a seamless and positive customer experience across all channels.”

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