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Customer engagement management: Impress your customers, exploit distribution opportunities

Customer engagement management: Impress your customers, exploit distribution opportunities

The cloud drives digital transformation. But it not only opens up many different opportunities, it also raises many questions among interested parties and users. As an expert contact, the Arvato CRM Solutions team consults with and assists companies on their path into the cloud on behalf of an internationally leading provider. Find out how it works at Future.Customer.

Digital transformation without the cloud is almost unimaginable these days: companies can quickly, flexibly and cost-effectively implement what so far required large software solutions and great efforts. The Arvato CRM Solutions “Sales & Retention” team assists small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) on their path into the digital world on behalf of an international leading soft- and hardware manufacturer.

Increased cloud activities around the globe: while the revenues generated with cloud computing amounted to just over 100 billion USD in 2015, they will reach about 300 billion USD in 2021 according to Statista forecasts. According to a study by software provider Citrix, German companies currently find themselves more midfield in terms of usage, but with an upward trajectory. This statement also applies to the still more cautious small and medium-sized companies according to a survey by Forcont Business Technology and the Berlin School of Economics and Law.

However, the cloud topic not only generates many opportunities for companies, but also many questions – before the purchase decision and after. Here, the Arvato CRM Solutions “Sales & Retention” team is available as a contact on behalf of an international provider of cloud solutions: the team assists companies in 15 markets, from the EMEA region to Latin America in their respective national languages.

Customer consultation and retention

The members of the Arvato CRM Solutions “Sales & Retention” team provide consultations via phone or chat if interested parties have questions regarding cloud solutions. During these consultations, customers will always be able to speak with a native speaker who is an expert regarding the requirements in different industries and also has excellent insights into the customer’s native market. In this way, a competent consultant assists the potential customer throughout the entire decision-making process, from the first inquiry to the purchase of a suitable solution. The team combines the consultation service with a strong sales approach, explains Simon Wieschemann, Divisional Head at Arvato CRM Solutions. “We are specialized on finding out exactly what the customer’s needs are and are ultimately able to recommend the right product and explain the advantages of the offered solution.” Thanks to these consulting sales conversations, the team members are able to establish a solid foundation for long-term customer retention.

On the other hand, they are knowledgeable contacts for unsatisfied customers. In this case, the first step is to determine the cause for the customer’s dissatisfaction. During the solution-finding process, the team members’ solid expertise is a decisive factor and helps to secure the customer’s loyalty because it often turns out that the cause of the problem was a small misunderstanding or error. Thanks to its know-how, the team is even able to find problem solutions that nobody had previously thought of.

Enthusiasm as a USP

“Our team members are real cloud fans,” explains Wieschemann. “This turns them into really authentic consultants who are native speakers when it comes to the technology.” Their objective: to acquaint the customers with cloud technology and explain to them all available options. “We see ourselves not as sellers, but as facilitators. And in this role, we have achieved a number of milestones for our client in the past years: the ratio of direct sales is around 60%, the retention rate around 40%.” With their knowledge about the best product combinations for the users’ requirements, the Arvato team members are equally successful when engaging in cross and upselling. Overall, they generate a revenue potential of around EUR 250 million per year with qualified customer contacts. “This shows how successful we are in combining high quality customer care with a strong sales approach,” states Simon Wieschemann. “Thanks to our team of experts, customers have a contact who will provide expert advice and will committedly assist them during issues with a partner, even during their very first contact.”

Author: Editorial Team Future. Customer.
Image: © Tierney – AdobeStock

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