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The CRM studio by Arvato CRM Solutions: Showing off digital opportunities

The CRM studio by Arvato CRM Solutions: Showing off digital opportunities

There is a huge range of solutions companies can use for their customer communications. For the first time, Arvato CRM Solutions is showing off the entire spectrum of modern customer services in its new CRM Studio in Gütersloh.

Let’s picture the following scenario: The idea of going away for the weekend suddenly pops into a customer’s head. Some quick research on Google leads them to a travel provider and they send them a booking request through their Facebook page. A chatbot immediately responds and guides them through the booking as a virtual customer support representative. ID for pre-check-in is done through a video call with a service center employee. Just a few hours later, the customer sends a few follow-up questions about the trip using WhatsApp. An advisor quickly responds. The customer then automatically receives a booking confirmation and a customized video with their travel details and information on their destination – all through their preferred method of communication of course.

One customer, one transaction and multiple solutions and communication channels. Companies can now use Arvato CRM Solutions’ CRM Studio to learn how individual services and communication channels work together in scenarios like these and what potential they offer using the example of fictitious company QuantosX, a teleportation travel service provider.

Teleportation as we know it from shows and movies like Star Trek is of course a long ways off. But this science fiction example has been chosen deliberately. Thorsten Hanisch, Management Team Member at Arvato CRM Solutions Germany, explains why. “With our CRM Studio, we demonstrate the most state-of-the-art customer communication opportunities available today, while at the same time offering a small glimpse into what might be possible in the future. So it just makes sense to use teleportation, albeit with a bit of a wink.”

Opportunities to the max

The QuantosX example demonstrates the maximum of what is possible today and bundles together every customer communication solution with which Arvato provides numerous companies from various different industries with support. For example, these include the semantic “eSearch” search function for Lufthansa, opening an account using video identification which Arvato handles for several leading German banks, chat-based customer service using WhatsApp for Air Berlin or a pilot project to produce customized videos for a worldwide leading IT and software provider.

The CRM Studio is more than just a shop window of current solutions. It also serves as an environment for further developing innovations, especially digital CRM solutions. For example, the chatbot function based on the cognitive IBM Watson system was completely redesigned and programmed to compare its strengths and weaknesses with other solutions.

In order for QuantosX to seem as real as possible to CRM Studio visitors, it also has a Facebook account and a company website. Nevertheless, its online presence is not yet public and is only accessible for customer presentations. Even though the next generation of customer service has already begun, the next generation (or even the one after that) of long-distance travel via teleportation will certainly take a bit of time.

If you’re interested in visiting the CRM Studio, please contact: crm@arvato.com.

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Image: Arvato CRM Solutions

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