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Corporate health management: Digitization is creating new opportunities

Corporate health management: Digitization is creating new opportunities

In view of the increasing demands of day-to-day work life, the growing scarcity of skilled workers and demographic change, it is becoming ever more important for companies to help their employees maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Too much stress, overtaxing conditions or engaging in unhealthy behavior for long periods can lead to demotivation and in some cases even illness. However, an appropriate health management system can give employees lasting motivation and contribute to a positive working atmosphere.

At the start of 2018, Provinzial NordWest adopted ViluaLIFE, the workplace health promotion program from Vilua, the healthcare division of Arvato CRM Solutions, at its locations in Hamburg, Kiel and Münster for the first time. With over three million insured persons and around 3,000 employees, Provinzial NordWest is Germany’s second largest public insurance group. Thanks to a combination of digital applications and personal counseling by trained coaches, Vilua aims to permanently improve the health literacy and well-being of participants.

The ViluaLIFE program in action

The ViluaLIFE program consists of three modules that can be combined as needed for any particular company: the “preventiometer,” personal coaching and two digital products, Companion App and Health Cockpit.

The preventiometer

The preventiometer is a high-tech solution that makes possible an individualized health check-up under the supervision of a company physician in the framework of a corporate health management program.

In appearance, it resembles a recumbent bicycle surrounded by a hemispherical cockpit with an integrated display. However, it isn’t a modern piece of exercise equipment. Instead, it allows for expeditious administration of several health-related tests, such as a vision and hearing test, or an assessment of physical flexibility. Depending on the configuration, this health check-up can cover over 30 parameters that give participants an idea of their state of fitness.

As a result of the game-like component and the animated visuals, the health check-up becomes an entertaining experience that makes it easier to embark on a subsequent program.

Personal coaching

After the health check-up, participants can work with their personal coach to formulate an individual goal for the coaching period, such as: “I’d like to feel energetic and be active. To achieve that, I’m going to make regular exercise part of my daily routine.”

The coach supports participants and motivates them to reach the goals they have set one small step at a time. To this end, specific measures are developed and agreed upon. These could relate to how stress is handled, personal levels of activity, nutrition or combinations of various components.

Companion App & the Health Cockpit

The digital modules Companion App and Health Cockpit serve as motivation and communication platforms for participants. Through the digital platforms, they can access their own health information as well as any additional content or offers that have been defined. These include, for example, digital products used in the company’s own corporate health management program, which can be adapted to individual needs.

Both platforms allow for direct contact between participants and their personal coach. Participants can also view their coaching history and progress, as well as their objectives, measures and weekly activities, and they are motivated through the app by a chatbot.

The structured and anonymous data collection in the Health Cockpit makes possible informed assessments and allows recommended actions to be derived for the participating company. These reports can provide valuable information for the development of a health management program at a company. Naturally, data is only processed in anonymized form and subject to the rules of the European General Data Protection Regulation.

Success lies in long-term effort with personal support and digital tools

“As a result of demographic change, companies are increasingly finding it imperative to help their employees stay healthy and productive for as long as possible,” says Jens Härtel, managing director of Vilua, the healthcare division of Arvato CRM Solutions. “With its four modules, the ViluaLIFE program offers an innovative approach for modern corporate health management with concrete results.”

The objective of the ViluaLIFE program is lasting change in the behavior of participants with a view to a health-conscious lifestyle and thus improvement of personal well-being.


Author: Editorial team Future. Customer.
Image: © Syda Productions / Adobe Stock

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