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Cloud solutions: New approaches to customer service

Cloud solutions: New approaches to customer service

The cloud is a hot topic at the moment. As it stands, the cloud is becoming an increasingly cheap option for the storage of large quantities of information and the provision of additional computer capacity. In the meantime, companies can use cloud-based services for their customer dialogue, with functions ranging from data-collection and analytics solutions to customer interaction.

Cloud solutions are becoming more established in modern companies. However, those who opt for a cloud solution from one of the big service providers receive more than just near unlimited memory storage capacity for their data. Regardless of whether it comes to Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure, each platform offers numerous services that can be used when needed. The tools and services already on offer cover a broad range of applications. There are also a number of cloud services available when it comes to the processes involved in a modern customer dialogue.

End-to-end support for customer dialogue

The standout feature when it comes to the cloud is that all services are provided as managed services. For companies, this means that they no longer have to take care of the necessary hardware or software administration themselves. If they need a database, for example, they can simply select the suitable version in the corresponding size, similar to an online shop, and it’ll be there before they know it.

The many advantages brought by cloud solutions can be seen most clearly in analytics , which is based around large quantities of data from a number of different sources. All of this information is stored in the cloud in a so-called data lake. Analytics can use this raw data to extrapolate precise recommendations, automatically process language and images, and intelligently manage processes. Several different services are available for this data analysis, all of which use the most up-to-date procedures and algorithms for machine learning and artificial intelligence. The state of the art libraries offered by Google, Amazon, and the Apache Project, which are available as open-source solutions, are integrated or can be simply incorporated.

And the cloud is not just limited to integrating, storing and analysing data: there are also cloud-based services for customer dialogue, such as tools that send emails or manage other customer interactions.

Security and data protection

For all of these reasons, the cloud has become an established feature for companies in Germany. However, the question of data security will always arise. The computation-intensive big data and machine learning applications require access to the data lake in the cloud, which means that the data is not retained by the individual companies. This is the case when an external computation centre is used. The big providers offer a fundamentally higher standard of security and accessibility when it comes to their solutions. On top of this, users can choose the region in which their data is stored and therefore decide on which particular data protection regulations apply. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies in Germany, as well as in Ireland. There are also processes available for the anonymization and pseudonymization of personal data so that it can no longer be linked to a specific individual.

Efficient and effective

Generally speaking, companies stand to benefit from the cloud in many ways. Many services and applications are available for immediate use, the infrastructure can be easily adjusted and the newest operating systems, middleware and applications are always utilised. This all allows the cloud to provide new possibilities in customer service. The cloud ultimately makes innovative customer service possible in a particularly efficient and effective way – provided that the service provider can bring the necessary expertise.

Because with all of the convenience and new prospects that the cloud brings with it, it must be remembered that every cloud environment requires implementation time and specific knowledge and has its very own look and feel. Having an experienced partner is then well worth it when it comes to cloud-based customer service. The consultants from Arvato CRM Solutions are familiar with the various clouds and, with their experience and industry expertise, can always find the right solution for every company.


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