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Chatbot for Maserati China: Artificial intelligence complements customer consultants

Chatbot for Maserati China: Artificial intelligence complements customer consultants

Arvato CRM Solutions China has digitally expanded customer service for the premium car manufacturer Maserati: A chatbot now complements the work of human customer advisors. The project illustrates the work involved in successfully setting up and implementing a chatbot.

One effect of digitization is a reduction in development and operational costs for applications that use artificial intelligence (AI). As a result, more and more companies – including small and medium-sized companies – are seeing the economic potential of this technology. However, investment costs are only one aspect that must be taken into consideration when deciding whether to opt for AI. The performance of the systems is another key issue. Many potential users fear that artificial intelligence is not particularly intelligent. There is a reason for that: A chatbot can only ever be as good as its training. The bot can only deliver the answers its AI developers gave it. In other words: Only providers who can put themselves in the shoes of their end customers as far as possible will be able to implement an AI system that combines efficiency and quality, and meets customer expectations.

Comprehensive training for the best results

A chatbot solution recently implemented by Arvato CRM Solutions China for Maserati shows how that looks in practice. The first phase of the project was all about finding out what motivated the Italian car manufacturer’s customers, and discovering what their expectations were. To do so, existing customer surveys were analyzed using text mining methods to identify relevant topics. On the basis of those results, the team worked with the customer advisors to put together a multi-layer knowledge databank that covers all the standard topics. This included questions about prices and feature options for the various models. The challenge in all this was that the question “How much does the Ghibli cost?” is specific and clear. However, the follow-up question “What colors is it available in?” can only be answered correctly if the system can establish and maintain an understanding of the context.

The chatbot understands customers

The customer advisors checked and – when necessary – corrected the work of the chatbots during this training phase. They also adjusted the answers given by the chatbots in various ways to ensure that they were aligned with the Maserati brand and helped to create an exceptional customer experience. Finally, the AI solution was connected to an instant messaging platform so that customers and the chatbot could interact quickly and conveniently. Natural language processing ensures that the chatbot unfailingly understands the customer. However, it is not only the chatbot’s text answers that are relayed, but also pictures, showing models or illustrating instructions, for example. The final step involves ongoing analysis of the new customer chats as a way of continuously optimizing customer service and customizing it ever more precisely to each individual’s needs.

Of course, Maserati continues to provide personal service through customer advisors. But the chatbot and the human team now work together: When the chatbot is unable to provide answers to complex issues, a human customer advisor automatically takes over. Alternatively, customers who feel the info provided by the bot is not sufficient can press a button to request further service, and a human advisor will be summoned to the chat. This combination guarantees top-quality customer service and a high level of customer satisfaction, while also helping to cut costs at the same time. The current chatbot solution is just the start. For the future, there are plans to dock the AI to the CRM, logistics/ordering and e-commerce systems, and to thereby further expand the self-service provision for customers.

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Image: zapp2photo – AdobeStock

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