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Amina Bendahmane, Head of Majorel Innovation Hub

Building an innovation initiative

Building an innovation initiative

At Majorel, we encourage our clients to turn their customer service representatives and other support staff into drivers of change—because we’ve seen the value of doing so in our own offices.

Our innovation program, OneMind, is designed to unleash a company’s potential by encouraging input from employees at every level of the organization, from the call center to the C-suite.

Uplevel your service by uplifting your people

Through OneMind, Majorel employees from all walks of life are invited to share their points of view about the company’s operations and suggest policy or process updates that might alleviate pain points both within the company as well as for clients. The program, which has been operating since 2021, has served as a catalyst for some of the most innovative, impactful, and forward-looking operational adjustments the company has undertaken in recent years.

The OneMind team works diligently to turn employee insights into innovative solutions that drive the industry forward. This program has helped us provide better service for clients and their customers. Similar initiatives can lead to significant improvements in morale and operations for businesses across industries.

If you’re interested in pursuing your own innovation program, you should:

1. Identify a framework that works for your business.

OneMind allows employees at any level to raise issues and offer solutions as they arise. This bottom-up approach is complemented by a top-down one where we select an audience to design new solutions during planned ideation workshops. While that’s what works for Majorel, it might not be the right approach for your business. Other options could include developing an employee resource group that focuses on gathering these ideas. There is no “right way” to approach this, so long as the process you choose works for your employees and your business.

2. Identify the tools and technology you might need to make it work.

Based on the framework you decide to use, you may need tools for processes like idea submissions, collaborative brainstorming, crowdsourcing feedback, project evaluation and selection, or testing solutions. Majorel is in the business of workflow processes, so running these processes on digital platforms makes sense for us. If your employees are less comfortable with digital tools, there are other approaches. Something as simple as holding meetings or communicating via email may be just as effective.

3. Get buy-in from all departments and support from top management.

A program like this only works if it’s truly available to everyone and you’ve ensured that all business units are on board with trying a new approach. Varied points of view are central to the mission, as is a willingness to collaborate and participate in solutions that may impact multiple teams.

4. Commit to action— and transparency.

There is nothing worse for morale than soliciting feedback and then failing to act. If you promise to pursue a program like OneMind, it’s important to follow through on the suggestions and take everyone’s contributions seriously.

Of course, every idea can’t be a winner, and sometimes the team may find that the current process is the best option. When that happens, it’s important to communicate that to employees and share the team’s reasoning. That will illustrate your commitment to the program even when things don’t work out as planned.

Finally, the most important factor in the ongoing success of an innovation program like OneMind is visibility and recognition management.

Be sure to celebrate successes and promote employee contributions that lead to process and policy improvements. Transparently share the results and keep track of tangible metrics that reflect the program’s efficacy. Doing so serves as a powerful proof point to management about the program’s value. It also acts as a helpful motivator for employees, encouraging them to get involved, stay involved, and think outside the box.

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