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Analytics in customer service: The CRM Analytics 360° Cockpit from Arvato CRM Solutions

Analytics in customer service: The CRM Analytics 360° Cockpit from Arvato CRM Solutions

Everything at a Glance — in Real Time
Companies can noticeably improve their standard of service by using intelligent analytical processes. To do so, however, they must be more innovative and agile in how they communicate with customers in order to respond to their wants and needs — and that starts with the communication via telephone in customer service. Support is now available here in the form of an innovative user interface with modern analytic methods running in the background: the CRM Analytics 360° Cockpit of Arvato CRM Solutions.

Analytics provides many benefits, such as new insights into the current and future product affinities of customers. This is possible because the analysis of customer data supplies reliable information about the times and life situations in which customers need new products, such as a rental car, a trip, new clothing or life and auto insurance. These insights can then be harnessed for business operations and supplied to the customer management team as “next best actions” for all relevant channels — in real time, during a telephone consultation, for example. When analytics is correctly deployed in a service center, it not only increases the turnover rate per customer but also reduces the call-processing duration, because it allows the customer service representative to offer the right products to the right customers at the right time.

The 360° view of all information

In order to guide the conversation with the customer to a specific outcome, however, all the relevant information has to be available to the service agent at a glance. Arvato CRM Solutions has therefore developed a central user interface for the inbound and outbound telephony in customer service: the CRM Analytics 360° Cockpit. This user interface provides the customer service representative with a real-time view of all relevant data about the customer (such as master data, contact history, orders and active agreements), the insights obtained from CRM analytics (life situation, preferences), next best actions generated from the context (suggestions for new products, articles and rates, etc.) and possibly other information, depending on the circumstances (e.g., the earliest time at which a servicing appointment can be scheduled). As soon as the conversation begins, service agents then have all the relevant information about a customer on their screens and can use it during the conversation for sales activities.

Another advantage of the 360° Cockpit is that agents no longer have to switch back and forth between various systems and user interfaces during the conversation. That saves them a great deal of time, because they can quickly and efficiently go through the conventional dialog processes. Instead of having to run through an elaborate routine of calling up the relevant customer information from various systems, they can access this information through the user interface of the 360° Cockpit as soon as they start talking to a customer, and it is always up-to-date. The solution also makes it easier to perform customer-related actions. For example, master data can be immediately updated, and changes, cancellations or status checks can be performed for flight and hotel reservations or product orders.

Tailored next best actions (NBAs)

At the same time, the Cockpit is fed next best actions that are generated by the system based on each customer’s life situation, lifestyle and needs. With this in mind, the NBAs are determined with the help of modern data-science technologies that run in the background (e.g., machine learning). After the conversation with the customer, agents can use the interface features of the 360° Cockpit to perform additional actions for all relevant channels: send travel reservations for product orders via e-mail, confirm a contract change via SMS, or send the new contract documents via snail mail, for example.


The 360° Cockpit supplies the customer service representative with the data updated daily, hourly or in real time — whichever the user prefers — by means of the analytics solutions of Arvato CRM Solutions.

With CRM analytics, companies can thus systematically analyze existing data on customer interactions and render it usable. This makes it possible to manage the customer journey throughout the entire customer life cycle based on strategic parameters. Furthermore, using the all-encompassing knowledge available from customer data and conveying relevant content to the end customers optimizes the customer experience.

As a result, the specific expectations of any particular customer are fulfilled whenever that customer speaks with an agent in the service center.

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Image: Sergey Nivens – AdobeStock

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