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New European initiative puts humans at the very center of artificial intelligence research

New European initiative puts humans at the very center of artificial intelligence research

Arvato CRM Solutions amongst first industry supporters of symposium aimed at positioning Europe for leadership in human-centered AI.

This Friday, 100 top European researchers and stakeholders in artificial intelligence (AI) will gather in Brussels with a view to promote a socially compatible approach to AI that is strongly based on human values and judgement.

The symposium marks the inauguration of “CLAIRE”, the “Confederation of Laboratories for Artificial Intelligence Research in Europe” recently launched by the European AI community. Highlighting that artificial intelligence will fundamentally change the way we live and work in the future, CLAIRE champions the development of artificial intelligence that complements, rather than replaces, human intelligence.

Arvato CRM Solutions is among the first industry sponsor of the symposium. “CLAIRE’s emphasis on the ‘human element’ and the spirit of cross-country collaboration is completely aligned with our company DNA. Which is why we’re delighted to be amongst the first industry supporters of this important pan-European initiative. It perfectly complements the work of our own AI R&D teams in India, Ireland, Germany, France and Spain, and our long-term academic partnership with the ERCIS (European Research Center for Information Systems), ensuring that we’re involved in the very latest developments and innovations in AI.” said Karsten Kraume, CSO/CIO at Arvato CRM Solutions.

Since its launch in June, CLAIRE has been endorsed by over 2000 stakeholders from academia, industry and public administration from all across Europe, including more than 1100 experts on artificial intelligence, as well as seventeen of Europe’s national AI societies and research institutes.

“We need AI that complements human intelligence rather than replaces it and helps us to overcome our limitations and biases. This is a key aspect of the human-centered approach to artificial intelligence called for by the CLAIRE initiative.” said Dr Holger Hoos. Professor of Machine Learning at the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science (LIACS) at the University of Leiden, one of the founding members of CLAIRE.

The symposium will be held at Norway House, Rue Archimedes, Brussels, on September 7. The event will be opened by Oda Helen Sletnes, the Norwegian Ambassador to the European Union; Juha Heikkilä, who is leading the European Commission’s work on artificial intelligence; and François Sillion, France’s new national coordinator on AI. The goal of the symposium is to elaborate a common European strategy for excellence in artificial intelligence, and to provide guidance to European and national decision makers on the major investments in AI needed to ensure a leadership role for Europe in AI research and innovation.

Click to find out more about CLAIRE and the CLAIRE symposium. Arvato’s experts Karsten Kraume and Klaus Voormanns will attend the symposium, so check out their Twitter profiles for live updates from the event.

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