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Why it’s time for your customer service team to get onto social media

Why it’s time for your customer service team to get onto social media

• We predict that customer service requests over social media will climb 31 per cent by 2021
• Brands that developed social media customer service capabilities have seen revenue per contact improve by 6.7 per cent year-on-year through up-selling, cross-selling and reduction in customer churn
• 71 per cent of customers who have had a positive customer service experience on social media are likely to recommend the brand to others

How does your company use social media? Is your presence just a promotional shopfront, or are you actually listening to what customers are saying to you and helping them resolve their issues?

If it’s the first of these, you could be missing out on some significant business benefits according to our research.

In fact, more than seven in 10 consumers who have experienced great customer service on social media are likely to recommend the brand to others. Meanwhile, businesses that offered interactive support to customers via social channels saw revenue per contact climb by 6.7 per cent year-on-year.

Giving customers positive experiences on social media can boost up-selling and cross-selling and improve customer loyalty, so the potential benefits of investing in your approach to social are clear.

Where customer service by social media makes a difference

Delivering first-class customer service via your social media channels can differentiate your brand, grow revenue and market share and even achieve efficiencies.

Here are five areas where social media can help give you an edge throughout your customers’ journey:

1. Awareness. When customers are looking for information about your products or brand, being able to respond personally to requests can go a long way in influencing their decision. Sharing helpful hints and tips on how to get the most out of your products or services, – both proactively and reactively – is a good way to achieve this.

2. Consideration. It’s common for customers to check product reviews on social media, especially for younger people. Engaging with fans of your brand can help to emphasize positive reviews and experiences and improve the perceptions of your brand or product.

3. Up-selling. Those who already own your products and are already a fan of your brand represent a great sales opportunity, and social media is the perfect way to identify and engage with them, increasing the likelihood and speed of a purchase.

4. Retention. Engaging with customers that are expressing dissatisfaction on social media can give you a chance to turn negative sentiment into a positive experience and boost customer loyalty. For many brands, repeat business is essential, so it’s counter intuitive to stop wooing a customer once they’ve made a purchase.

5. Advocacy. A big part of the appeal of social media is its capacity for building a sense of community. By sharing stories and interacting with your fans, you can help foster this process and build a body of brand advocates that will inspire others and combat negative sentiment on your behalf.

So, how does your social media presence fare with these points in mind? If you’re still thinking of social as a one-way channel, you could be missing out on a significant opportunity to boost your business.

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