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Using artificial intelligence to develop the service centre of the future

Using artificial intelligence to develop the service centre of the future

Customers expect a smooth, pleasant and above all successful service experience. Artificial-intelligence-based solutions are thus increasingly moving into the foreground, since they offer enormous customer service potential. We show why the future of customer dialogue lies in AI-based service centres.

A service centre employee generally does not know the customers contacting him or her. In order to offer them individualised and efficient solutions to their concerns, the employee therefore needs access to well-structured and complete information about the particular customer — which an AI platform can already provide today. Artificial intelligence, for example in the form of a chatbot, can also autonomously resolve customer enquiries. Those are just two examples of the capabilities of AI systems, which will play an ever-greater role in the service centre in the future. There are five good reasons for that:

1. AI knows its customers

Using artificial intelligence correctly allows a customer care representative to essentially resolve a situation before the customer has even explained it. Artificial intelligence that is integrated into customer databases can anticipate likely problems, bring in a suitable employee and provide that employee with all the necessary information — or even work through the matter on its own. This ensures that customers receive top-notch service and have an exceptionally positive experience, while at the same time improving factors like service centre processing times and customer attrition rates.

2. AI knows how its customers behave

Social media play a role as a route of entry for self-service and as a way for customers to communicate with each other about a brand. When customers share their experiences with your company on their social networks, artificial intelligence can be used to help record and utilise the posts. In this way, you can identify dissatisfied customers without having direct contact with them, and you can also usually learn the reason for their dissatisfaction — and then offer them appropriate suggested solutions in a targeted fashion.

3. AI works around the clock

Artificial intelligence doesn’t work particular shifts, take days off or get holidays. That means your company can process customer enquiries around the clock. On the one hand, this shortens processing times, and on the other hand, it shows that your company cares about its customers. The result is  high-quality, affordable service around the clock.

4. AI helps your employees

A common fear is that automated answering systems will replace human beings in customer service work. However, artificial intelligence will not be able to replace certain human abilities and characteristics, for example social and emotional skills. Chatbots are generally able to work independently and process simple matters efficiently, but critical situations that require emotional intelligence must be passed on to customer care representatives. However, automation can reduce the number of enquiries customer care representatives receive, meaning they have more time to solve complex problems.

5. AI saves on costs

AI systems relieve the burden on service centres by supporting employees with customer care and taking on routine tasks. They thereby improve the working conditions in customer service and can thus contribute to reducing turnover in the service centre. After all, satisfied employees are less likely to quit. Moreover, because of AI, process automation reduces processing costs.


Artificial intelligence expands and improves self-service offerings, supports service representatives with important information about your customers and enables those employees to better utilise their special strengths. The service centre of the future will combine artificial and human intelligence to offer your customers top-notch service.

Author: Editorial team Future. Customer.
Image: © Sikov – AdobeStock

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