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Six steps towards the responsible use of AI

Six steps towards the responsible use of AI

From the first automated factory lines to self-driving cars, innovators have had a long history of improving processes and easing people’s daily challenges. The advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) across many facets of our industry is no exception—it is used to improve interactions for both customers and representatives as well as the outcome for our clients. Thus far, it has proven to be a very valuable tool, aligning with our vision of elevating experiences.

However, noble intentions require corresponding governance. That’s why at Majorel, we’re committed to the responsible use of AI across our organization. AI has become part of our everyday operations, and while we are excited to leverage new developments like Generative AI to further improve CX, we remain committed to prudence. To be responsible stewards of this technology, we are guided by the rules and regulations that come with using AI and transform these into actionable systems and processes. To do so, we’ve adapted six principles from the Frameworks of Trustworthy AI and applied them as a guide for all in-house developed or acquired solutions that leverage AI.

1. Fairness

Majorel has long been committed to DEI initiatives, and our technology is no different. AI used at Majorel will have a universal and accessible design that avoids unfair bias.

2. Robustness

At Majorel, we have worked with the sensitive data of customers every day for more than 30 years. Whether it’s a human employee or AI handling that data, it needs to be protected. We’ve prioritized making our AI integrations reliable, secure, and resilient to actual known methods of attack.

3. Human oversight

To ensure the deployed AI protects fundamental human rights, this technology will retain human oversight so that nothing goes unchecked.

4. Explainability

To enable the necessary oversight, all AI technology used at Majorel is completely traceable, totally transparent, and available. This way, if any governing agency or concerned party having a legitimate interest requires, they can review the data collected or created.

5. Privacy

Although AI technology should be totally transparent to responsible parties, Majorel values privacy and the integrity of data collected. Data will only be available to authorized parties, and clients and employees alike can rest easy knowing that their private data remains just that: private.

6. Accountability

We believe in being held accountable for our actions. If an AI-associated error arises, it will be addressed in due time, and transparent reports will be made available to impacted parties.

As part of our commitment to ESG, we strive to be good stewards of the world and the communities in which we live and work. Any technology used should do the same, and it’s our duty to make sure that sustainability and social impact remain top of mind.

As part of our responsible AI efforts, our legal and compliance teams have jointly developed the Majorel AI Trust Assessment for our AI-driven solutions. Together we will ensure that our products comply with our internal standards and consensually agreed-upon principles of responsible AI – from conversational AI to speech analytics, including those leveraging Generative AI. Our goal has always been to create excellent experiences for clients, customers, and employees. By adhering to this set of standards we can not only achieve this goal but also provide peace of mind. We’re excited to see what’s next, and are looking forward to the progress we can make using this technology.



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