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New Challenges and Areas of Growth: Predictions for CX in 2023

New Challenges and Areas of Growth: Predictions for CX in 2023

2022 proved to be a year of relearning for the customer service industry with representatives being trained for remote work and AI implementation and the evolution of chatbots becoming much more widely accepted among companies.

As we enter a new year and organizations start to reflect and make goals, the team at Majorel has been busy thinking of how businesses will weather the uncertain economic times to come, the ever-evolving customer experience and how critical cybersecurity will become.

There is no doubt that 2023 will bring about its own challenges and areas of growth, so we have asked some Majorel leaders to impart their wisdom through predictions to guide us into another year.

Fara Haron, Regional CEO NAISAUKI & EVP Global Clients

  • Business process outsourcing (BPO) will become a critical solution as organizations face inflation and potential economic uncertainty in 2023. Outsourcing customer service operations can help companies save money in the long run. Working with a BPO offers access to existing highly experienced customer service teams that can easily be scaled up or down depending on each company’s needs.”
  • “Organizations will realize how much more it costs to attain new customers than it does to retain existing ones. To ensure customer loyalty and experience while trimming unnecessary spending, businesses can create efficiencies by adjusting customer service hours of operation during typically low traffic hours and bringing in the help of chatbots to supplement.”

Elaine Coffman, VP of Human Resources

  • “Customer service representatives will be tasked with new responsibilities in 2023. Traditional data implementation and transactional offerings will go to RPA and AI and representatives will provide a more personal and consultative touch to interactions. The move to Knowledge Process Outsourcing will require advanced skills. Progressive contact centers must rapidly work to upskill existing agents and determine how to source for these higher skills. The War for Talent will continue and having a true differentiator will be key to the successful employer.”
  • Working from home and hybrid work will remain the new normal, adding to the need for contact centers to establish highly secure cybersecurity efforts to manage safety and security risks that can occur outside of the office. Communicating the ins and outs of an organization’s secure system will also help gain the trust of new and existing customers.”

Giuseppe Ficarra, SVP of Global Sales

  • “Reducing operating costs will be a priority in the coming year. While inflation impacts labor costs, organizations that cannot afford to expand their workforce will rely on automation to cut costs but not the quality of the customer experience.”
  • Working with BPOs will help organizations reach new labor markets in 2023 to diversify the customer experience and help keep organizational costs in check.”

A major theme we have gathered for 2023 will be reining in spending while prioritizing the customer experience and retention. Partnering with a BPO can be the make-or-break difference that gets your company through tough economic times. The Majorel team would like to thank our customers for continuing to partner with us, putting your trust in our team of customer service professionals, and is looking forward to supporting your organizational needs in the new year.

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