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Driven to go further: Why I know that Majorel has a bright future at the forefront of the industry

Driven to go further: Why I know that Majorel has a bright future at the forefront of the industry

Thomas Mackenbrock, Chief Executive Officer at newly launched global customer experience company, Majorel, explains his vision for the company.

2019 has already been an extremely special year – for me, my colleagues, our clients, and for the customer experience sector in general.

The launch of Majorel will make a significant impact on the landscape of our industry. We are already one of the market leaders in Europe, Middle East and Africa, with a sizeable presence in Asia and the Americas too. We have built strong partnerships with many of the world’s most valuable brands and working with blue-chip companies across the full spectrum of the global industry, from technology, telecom and financial services to consumer goods, healthcare, energy and travel.

That’s a strong starting point for any new company! But it’s our future rather than our past that really fills me with excitement.

Our industry is changing faster than most people can fathom. The digitalization of our clients’ businesses is rapidly altering how we think of, plan for and deliver customer experiences and engagement, with automation, Internet of Things devices, and artificial intelligence being key drivers of this change.

Research projects the total number of customer service interactions increasing significantly over the next decade. Brands will interact more often and in many different ways with their consumers. This will happen automatically, in self-service or with the support of human talent. The resulting transformation of customer experience management will change how we do business forever.

Thomas Mackenbrock, Chief Executive Officer Majorel

What clients expect of us is also changing. They themselves are challenged by this new digital landscape, and doing so in a marketplace that’s ever-more complex and competitive. Differentiation can be very hard to find. The biggest and fastest-growing businesses have recognized that creating smart and seamless customer engagement is not just about responding to the challenge that digitalization brings – it’s a way to achieve real differentiation from their competition.

Majorel was formed because we saw a gap in the market for a customer experience company that can provide the perfect combination of people, technology and global reach needed to help businesses around the world meet this challenge and find this crucial differentiation. And to make sure we are their long-term trusted partner of choice, we are ready to invest in our future.

We are planning to invest significantly over the course of the next years in new digital capabilities and solutions to strengthen further our position in digital customer engagement. We will shortly be appointing a new Chief Digital and Transformation Officer to lead on our development in this area.

We will also be investing heavily in our regional network – in particular in key regions such as Asia, Africa and the Americas. Significant growth of demand is coming in these markets in the future, and we are ensuring that we have the people, the processes and the technologies to meet the needs of clients based in or expanding into these regions.

You will have noticed that “driven to go further” is the motto of our new company. These aren’t just words – they are the maxim that I and everyone at Majorel will live by. We are starting from a strong position, but we don’t want to stop there. We will thrive in the customer experience market: strengthening our already prominent position in EMEA, expanding our presence in emerging and growth markets and continuing to expand our partnerships with our trusted clients and build new ones.

Further investment in digital will be crucial, but it’s our people who will always be at the heart of amazing customer experiences. Our clients are trusting us with their most valuable ‘asset’: their relationship with their customers. They do this because our people have a deep understanding of what consumers want, as well as having the technology at their fingertips to create experiences that we all can be truly proud of. It’s this perfect combination – the best of both worlds – that’s driving us to go further for our clients, and why I know that Majorel has an extremely bright future.

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