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Digital, flexible and global: Majorel, a strong customer experience partner for neobanks

Digital, flexible and global: Majorel, a strong customer experience partner for neobanks

Customer behavior has been changing in the last few years, and this change is nowhere near complete. Customer actions are becoming more and more digital, flexible, and global. This development is a game changer for the banking sector, and hardly a week goes by without a new neobank reporting considerable growth.

Neobanks do not have branch offices. Instead, digital channels such as chat services are the primary form of customer communication,” explains Daniel Siekmann, Vice President Banking & Fintechs at Majorel. The goal is to offer a service that is just as trustworthy and comprehensive as the kind that is usually only available through personal contact at the branch office – anytime, anywhere, and in the customer’s own language.

Sector Expertise and Global Network

The main strength of the neobanks is their focus on the end customers and their special needs and desires. “This makes customer service issues increasingly complex and requires employees to be not only flexible but also competent,” says Siekmann.

Thanks to its many years of expertise in the area of banking and financial services, Majorel brings this competence into a partnership as well as the necessary flexibility, for example to scale its customer service to suit fast growth – even in a network of locations around the globe. In the process, the company ensures that the regulatory framework conditions and pertinent standards are adhered to at all times.

Brand Identity and Customer Orientation

According to Siekmann, another advantage of a partnership with Majorel is the individual approach the company takes with end customers: “We pay very close attention to the kind of company involved and how it appears on the market – communication with end customers at a neobank can look completely different from that at a traditional branch bank.” Through specially oriented training, the employees are prepared to convince customers with an individual approach, quality and speed in providing solutions, ideally in order to turn a satisfied customer into a brand and product ambassador.

Product Optimizations and Digital Solutions

Daniel Siekmann

Daniel Siekmann, Vice President Banking and Fintechs, Majorel Germany

In addition, Majoral can use its expertise to assist with optimizing the customer service. Along with an initial health check and “from practice for practice” consulting, digital solutions are also offered in order to achieve a “best in class” customer experience. “Majorel does not merely focus on process optimization – solutions for special topics such as money laundering and fraud prevention are included in our portfolio as well,” Siekmann explains.

For example, the area of digital solutions includes customer satisfaction survey tools, learning management systems, a knowledge base and app simulators. An app simulator helps a customer service representative to resolve the end customer’s problems quickly and efficiently by making it possible for him or her to understand the customer’s problem by reconstructing how the app is used without having to access devices such as the customer’s smartphone or sensitive personal data.

Majorel’s profile is rounded out by solutions for enhancing the experience of financially active users, such as the account change service, solutions for handling paper processes, and retention concepts.

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This article first appeared in the print edition of TeleTalk magazine #10: https://www.teletalk.de.

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