Majorel Code of Conduct


Integrity & Ethical Conduct Are At The Heart Of Our Code

Majorel is a mosaic of countries, cultures and languages. This incredible diversity is part of our DNA, it is our strength and, therefore, needs to be respected and nurtured. The Code of Conduct and our shared Values (Creativity; Excellence; Respect) unite us all under common principles important to Majorel.

We expect all of our people to comply with the standards it sets out to achieve. And we hold our Suppliers to the same standards too. To get a copy of our Supplier Code of Conduct, please reach out to

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Please Speak Up When Things Are Not Right

We’ve set up a confidential process for our people, business partners and other third parties to Speak Up when things are not in line with our Code of Conduct and to report potential irregularities or misconduct. By reporting damaging behavior you are protecting our shared values.

The following channels are available for our team members, as well as third parties, and managed with respect for confidentiality:

  • Speak Up in person: please approach your Manager, Human Resources, your local Compliance Officer or Compliance Manager, or, if applicable, your employee representatives.
  • Speak Up online in multiple languages: Majorel Speak Up platform
  • Speak Up by email:

Where provided by local laws, and according to local Compliance breach reporting and investigation Guidelines, you may make an external report to a designated competent authority, whether or not you have previously made a report to Majorel. In this case, the independent external authority should investigate, follow up and provide feedback on your report.

With regard to confidentiality: when reporting a suspected violation, you have the choice to remain anonymous. Your disclosures, as well as your identity will be treated as confidential, in accordance with applicable laws, including the Directive (EU) 2019/1937 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 October 2019 on the protection of persons who report breaches of Union law (EU WB Directive), and the relevant national laws of the EU Member States on reporting of breaches and protection of whistleblowers.

A situation reported in good faith is investigated following a standard process that ensures fair, transparent and evidence-based decision-making. The reporting person is protected against retaliation, whether they choose to report locally or not, anonymously or not. Majorel will not permit any measures to be taken against persons who have raised a concern or reported an incident through the Speak Up channels.

Please use the Speak Up channels responsibly. Only submit information you believe to be correct to the best of your knowledge.

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