Corporate Responsibility

Global Reach, Local Impact

Our responsibility towards our people, society and the environment is a cornerstone of our business. Especially when our actions directly impact the lives of nearly 500,000 team members in 96 countries – and many millions of our clients’ customers – as we deliver amazing customer experiences (CX) every day.

All of this is captured in our “glocal’’ approach to CR, which seeks to combine a consistent global approach with a nuanced local delivery.

Everyone at Majorel is mandated to contribute towards our vision for CR, and this is formally reflected in our Code of Conduct. We expect all our people to comply with the standards it sets out to achieve and we hold our suppliers to the same standards we expect of ourselves.

Our CR Strategy

Taking responsibility is a fundamental principle of Majorel’s entrepreneurial corporate culture, whether for our own team members, clients, society, the economy or the environment.

Therefore, Majorel’s business strategy incorporates CR management, which combines commercial goals with social and environmental concerns both inside and outside the business. This manifests itself in our five-pillar approach to CR, built on the foundation of Governance, Compliance and Control. We bring a systematic approach and effective tools to the management of our CR performance, both globally and locally.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Majorel’s remarkable diversity is what makes us who we are and plays a crucial part in our success as a global CX business. It’s a unique strength that we protect and nurture, which is why we work hard to create the right conditions that promote and celebrate DE&I through a worldwide network of local ambassadors.

We also know that our broad diversity means that we are more competitive and better able to grow as a company, as #OneTeam.

Environment & Local Communities

All businesses have an impact on the environment, which is why it’s important to conserve natural resources through local initiatives such as recycling and using renewable energy sources.

We also have a responsibility to the local communities where we operate and our wider society – whether that’s getting involved with educational programs or supporting charities and good causes.

Employee Rights & Fair Working Conditions

Respecting and ensuring the rights of our people, while adhering to local legal environments, is the natural basis of our approach to people

We act based on shared values such as dignity, fairness, equality, respect and independence. Fair working conditions include physical aspects and everyone’s legal rights.

Wellbeing & Resiliency

We have a responsibility towards all our people to safeguard their wellbeing and to improve resiliency. We provide an environment that creates a sense of belonging, a place where our people feel empowered and part of a family.

Together we create a network of support on which everyone can rely. Naturally, we have established special support structures for our team members in their particularly demanding roles in Content Services, Trust & Safety, as they continue to help make the internet a safer place.

Corporate Citizenship

Our work makes a tangible and positive impact on our society. We are a key purchaser of local products and services, and many of the CX services we deliver are essential to the day-to-day lives of millions of citizens across the world – especially during the ongoing pandemic.

Therefore, Majorel’s continuing economic success and geographic expansion drive a positive societal impact while, at the same time, delivering value for our shareholders.

Corporate Responsibility report

Our reports set out Majorel’s comprehensive CR strategy and details the wealth of dedicated initiatives taken during 2022 and 2021 to address challenges and ensure the Company remains on its path of responsible growth.

The reports also detail Majorel’s global action plan for the future, inspired by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, including defined KPIs designed to meet CR expectations at each of its geographies and quantitative KPIs to monitor success globally.

See more in our Corporate Responsibility Report 2022
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