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Recognizing a very particular kind of drive in each other, our shareholders Bertelsmann and Saham, have entered into a long-term partnership to create a new global leader in customer engagement.

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We believe in innovation and have a tireless focus on continuous improvement. We try to find a better way. We don’t believe in can’t.

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Customer management in the insurance business 2019: It all comes down to personal contact

Customer management in the insurance business 2019: It all comes down to personal contact

Discussions of customer management within the insurance industry have long focused on the constantly changing needs of customers, the impact of digitization and the development of a successful customer journey. Two thirds of insurance management executives consider customer experience management in their company to be important or very important. But is this assessment reflected in their companies’ actions? And how do customers perceive the situation?

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9 September 2019

Digital Account Change Assistance: Majorel Supports Customers with a New Software Solution

The new EU directive for regulation of payment services and payment service providers PSD 2 (Payment Service Directive 2) will take effect on September 14th. The objective of these new regulations is to make online payment transactions even more secure and to increase customer protection. The new digital account change assistant from Majorel offers an opportunity to electronically request changes to customers accounts directly from online banking and simplifies the process via virtual assistance.

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